Travelling in safety is our priority

Travel from the UK and Ireland and take advantage of our partnership to carry out the RT-PCR exam for COVID-19, with exclusive advantages for TAP customers.
In the current scenario, some countries require or recommend that recently arrived passengers present a certificate confirming a negative result for COVID-19.

TAP, in partnership with the Randox Health laboratory, allows you to carry out the RT-PCR test for COVID-19, with exclusive benefits. Therefore, TAP customers travelling from the UK and Ireland will be able to perform the RT-PCR test through the home sample collection kit - an immediate solution that allows the test to be performed within 4 business days.

In addition, they will also be entitled to a discount of up to 9%, which also covers rapid antigen tests. This type of tests can be done at home and submitted through the Randox CertiFly app and the result is received within a maximum of 3 hours. For more information click here.

Exclusive discount promo code
up to 9% off!

Buy Home-Testing Kit

By using the exclusive discount code, passengers can access the Randox Health website, to request a home-testing kit be sent to their address. Please see all the steps below to order:

Step 1
Purchase a home-testing kit from Randox Health using the following link.
Step 2
Add required number of kits to basket and apply the code TAPAIR.
Step 3
Fill in personal details, including the home address to where the kit will be sent to.

The kits - depending on the desired option - include between one to three PCR tests – pre and post-trip – with NGS (next generation sequencing) as well as step-by-step instructions, provided by Randox, on how to:

  1. Register the kit.
  2. Take the swab sample.
  3. Package it ready for return.

Passengers sending test kit back to Randox and result timeline

Important Information
Please note that passengers must not use an NHS Test and Trace Test for pre-departure testing, even if travelling for less than 3 days. If a passenger presents proof of an NHS Test and Trace Test, even if negative, boarding shall be denied.