Group Travel

Join your friends and family and we’ll take care of the rest!

How does it work?

Planning a group trip has never been so easy. 

Ask for a budget for up to 40 passengers and at least 21 days before the intended travel date. Please be aware that the group must contain at least 10 passengers, of whom:
  • As a minimum 2 of the passengers must be adults;
  • Passengers are considered to be adults and children (age 2 - 12), or if travelling with infants (less than 2 years old) the total number of passengers must always be more than 10;
  • Each adult can travel with 4 children or with one child and one infant.
Ask for your budget
    We provide a tool so that you can obtain your quote.
    Flygroups gives you instant access to the entire price offering for your trip, in a simple way and free of charge.

More benefits:

  • Each passenger in the group can travel with a hold bag (up to 23 kg) as well as hand luggage (up to 8 kg);
  • A standard seat can be booked without any additional costs;
  • Alteration of flights without penalties, subject to availability and confirmation until the time the tickets are issued;
  • The passenger names can be changed without penalties until the time the tickets are issued.
For more information, please send an email with the details of your trip to
  • The quotation request applies to one-way and return flight bookings, where all the passengers must always travel together;
  • The group should have a minimum number of 10 passengers, where the combination is calculated by the sum of adults and children;
  • Each adult can only travel with 4 children or with one child and one infant;
  • The names of the passengers, the contacts as well as personal identification documents (such as identity card, citizen card, passport, etc) must be provided to TAP by the time limit specified in the contract;
  • No changes or refunds are permitted after the tickets have been issued;
  • Cancellation of the seat booking before payment may be subject to cancellation penalties;
  • Quotations are only valid for flights operated by TAP and TAP Express.