Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Former territory of the Austro-Hungarian empire and the Soviet influence, today’s Czech Republic exists since 1993, when Slovakia became independent. Book a flight to Czech Republic and...

From Bohemia

Prague is the capital of the country and of the region of Bohemia, on the west. It’s an european jewel whose historic centre is UNESCO’s heritage. Just like the medieval city of Český Krumlov, on the south — the arquitectural mix makes it one of the main attractions of the country. 

To Moravia

On the east, the region of Moravia is famous for the wines. And for the second largest city of the country, Brno, where Milan Kundera was born. The south of Moravia is also filled with UNESCO’s sites. Two examples: the gardens and castle of Kroměříž; and Telč, with a scenery that seems out of a fairy tale.

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