Welcome to a country of endless resources and a booming economy. Exploring its natural depths continues to be a great adventure. Book a flight to Angola.

While still recovering from decades of conflict, the 19 million Angolans are cheerful and very friendly to those who visit. Angola is also a land of...

Major contrasts

The territory is wide and much of it untouched. From rain forests in the north to gravel plains in the south. The 1600 kms of coastline are mostly flat. But the interior is dominated by highlands — especially Planalto do Bié, where the second largest city of Huambo is located. And source to Kwanza river, the most important in the country.

Places with memories

The rhythm of business in the capital Luanda makes it a lively city. Further south, in Benguela and Lobito, we find the most obvious arquitectural marks of the colonial past. And beaches where we feel like going to everyday — also because the weather is always great. As for food delicacies, the moamba, the funge and the rest of a culinary share Brazilian and Portuguese influences.

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