Fan of chocolat? Welcome to the the world’s second largest cocoa producer. The first african nation to declare independence, in 1957, is today one of the most important regional powers and a great cultural mosaic. Book a flight to Ghana.

Crossing histories and customs
Visiting Ghana means diving in various traditions. Historical ethnic groups such as the Akans, who contributed to the heyday of the ghanaian empire in the middle ages. The heritage of the various european presences (the portuguese were the first in 1417), which opened new ways. And the british dominion in the XIX century, when gold exports gave the country its famous name: Gold Coast.  

Contrasts that unify
The various legacies are a source for ghanaian identity today. That is visible both in a modernized economy based on exporting raw materials and in a rich craftwork of strong colours and patterns. Businessmen actively participate in tribal ceremonies. And in the streets of the capital Accra, the latest smartphones coexist with kente (national pattern) and adinkra (symbols) in day-to-day clothing.

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