TAP Miles&Go Programme Status Match Campaign

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If you are already an elite member of another frequent flyer programme, then we have a very special offer for you! 

Get Silver or Gold status and enjoy all of the benefits they offer. All you need do is apply and meet one small condition. Are you ready? Then check below to see if your programme status is eligible and find out what you need to do to apply.

Find out how to apply for Status Match

  • Check your eligibility

    Use this table to see if your status is eligible to take part.
  • Not a Client?

    When registering, include a photograph of your membership card for the other programme.
  • Already a Client?

    If you have been a TAP Miles&Go Client since 01/2020, use this form to submit your application. You must have the full copy of an eligible programme card with you.
  • Complete the challenge:

    Once you have received notification from the Programme that your card is valid, then subscribe to a Club TAP Miles&Go or make a purchase for 4,000 miles or more in the miles store.
About TAP Miles&Go Status Match
Status Match is an initiative open to Clients or new TAP Miles&Go Clients who are members of an eligible frequent flyer programme (check which ones here). With Status Match, these Clients can obtain Silver or Gold status under special conditions, by completing a challenge.
Eligibility: New Clients and TAP Miles&Go Clients

New Clients must register with the TAP Miles&Go Programme and attach a copy of the frequent flyer card they wish to use to apply for equivalent status. This copy must include a complete image of the card and include the following details: cardholder’s name, Client number, expiry date and status.

If you have been a TAP Miles&Go Programme Client since 1 January 2020 you also can take part in Status Match. Verify the Client Number and e-mail associated with your TAP Miles&Go Account and use the following form to submit your application. You must have the full copy of your frequent flyer card.
Status Match Challenges: What they are and when they must be completed

The Status Match Campaign has two challenges that are designed to confirm the application:

One of these challenges must be completed after the Client or New TAP Miles&Go Client is notified by the Programme that their card is valid. The application is finalised once the challenge is complete.
New status: When you will receive it, its validity and renewal

If your application is approved, you will have access to the benefits of the relevant status within 15 days of approval.

The status received will be valid for a minimum of 12 months.

TAP Miles&Go Status Match Regulations

Regulations updated on 4 January 2022. Download a PDF version of the Regulations (PDF, 138 KB, EN).

These Regulations define the functioning of and conditions applicable to the TAP Miles&Go Programme Status Match Campaign launched by TAP Air Portugal as part of its Frequent Flyer Programme. 
Participation in the Campaign means you have understood and unreservedly accepted all of these Regulations and the TAP Miles&Go Programme Terms and Conditions.

These Regulations were originally published in Portuguese and have been translated into English, French, Spanish and German. In all cases, only the Portuguese version (PDF, 146 KB, PT) is binding in matters of interpretation.

These Regulations are in 4 (four) parts: 1) Definitions; 2) Application Process; 3) Approval Process; and 4) Final Provisions.
Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, when terms in these Regulations have an initial capital, the terms and expressions listed below shall have the following meaning:
Approved – TAP Air Portugal’s decision on an Application that has met the conditions required by the Regulations in respect of the Validation Process and Approval Process.
TAP Miles&Go Programme Status Match Campaign / Campaign - A TAP Air Portugal commercial initiative under the TAP Miles&Go Programme, which consists of awarding, temporarily and under special conditions, (i) TAP Miles&Go Gold, (ii) TAP Miles&Go Silver or (iii) TAP Miles&Go Miles status to TAP Miles&Go Programme members who are also members of an Eligible Frequent Flyer Programme and who acquire one of the TAP Miles&Go Products set out in Point 3.1..
Application – request to participate in the Campaign by a Client or New Client of the TAP Miles&Go Programme.
Client – an individual who is a member of the Miles&Go Programme, identified with a TP number that corresponds with a TAP Miles&Go Account and who has been a member of the Programme for more than 6 (six) days on the day they submitted their Application.
Exclusion – TAP Air Portugal’s decision on an Application that has not met the conditions required by the Regulations in respect of the Validation Process and/or Approval Process. 

Application Forms - the means made available by the Programme for making Applications to the Campaign, as set out on the TAP Miles&Go Programme website (tapmilesandgo.flytap.com) and/or by any of the Programme’s other official means of communication. 
New Client - A TAP Miles&Go Client who submits a Status Match Campaign Application when they join or within 5 (five) days of joining the Programme. 
Eligible Frequent Flyer Programme - a loyalty programme operated by an airline identified in clause 2.2, the member of which currently holds one of the status levels identified in the table in clause 2.3. 
TAP Miles&Go Programme / Programme - the loyalty programme for TAP Air Portugal passengers, as defined in the TAP Miles&Go Programme Terms and Conditions.
Promotion – the movement of a Client or New Client whose Application has been Approved to TAP Miles&Go Gold or TAP Miles&Go Silver status.
Regulations - these TAP Miles&Go Programme Status Match Campaign Regulations.
TAP Air Portugal - TRANSPORTES AÉREOS PORTUGUESES, S.A., a public limited company with its head office at Edifício 25 do Aeroporto de Lisboa, 1700-008 Lisbon, in the parish of Olivais, in Lisbon municipality, District of Lisbon, Portugal, registered at the Commercial Registry Office of Lisbon with the single registration and tax number 500 278 725 and with share capital of €41,500,000 (forty-one million, five hundred thousand euros).
TAP Miles&Go Gold / TAP Miles&Go Silver / TAP Miles&Go Miles – status levels granted as part of the TAP Miles&Go Programme, identified and defined in the Terms and Conditions of this Programme.
Validated / Not Validated – TAP Air Portugal’s decision as to whether or not the Application meets the conditions required by the Regulations for the Application Process and whether the Application will proceed to the Approval Process.
2.1. Eligible Clients
The following are eligible to take part in the Campaign:
  • New Clients who are members of an Eligible Frequent Flyer Programme;
  • Clients who joined the TAP Miles&Go Programme after 1 January 2020 and who are members of an Eligible Frequent Flyer Programme.
On condition that (i) they have never before benefited from a TAP Miles&Go Programme Status Match Campaign or any other equivalent benefit and (ii) they have not submitted an Application that was ruled Not Valid or Excluded during the 6 (six) months prior to their new Application.

2.2. Eligible Frequent Flyer Programme
The following frequent flyer programmes are eligible to take part in the Campaign: 
AAdvantage; Aeroflot Bonus; Aerolineas Plus; Air Europa SUMA; Cedar Miles; Club Premier; Etihad Guest; Executive Club; Finnair Plus; Flying Blue; Iberia Plus; LATAM Pass; MilleMiglia; OK Plus; Privilege Club; Royal Club; Safar Flyer; SkyMiles; Skywards; Smiles; and TudoAzul, if the Client / New Client has achieved one of the status levels set out in the table attached to the next clause. 

2.3. List of Eligible Frequent Flyer Programme status levels compatible with the TAP Miles&Go Programme
Equivalence of the Eligible Frequent Flyer Programmes’ status levels will be determined according to the following table:
Status Airline / Alliance Programme Equivalent TAP Miles&Go Status
AAdvantage Executive Platinum American Airlines AAdvantage Gold
AAdvantage Platinum Pro Gold
AAdvantage Platinum Gold
AAdvantage Gold Silver
Aeroflot Bonus Gold Aeroflot Aeroflot  Bonus Gold
Aeroflot Bonus Platinum Gold
Aeroflot Bonus Silver Silver
Aerolíneas Plus Diamante
Aerolíneas Argentinas Aerolíneas Plus Gold 
Aerolíneas Plus Platinum  Gold
Aerolíneas Plus Oro Silver
Air Europa SUMA Platinum Air Europa Air Europa SUMA Gold
Air Europa SUMA Gold Gold
Air Europa SUMA Silver Silver
Cedar Miles Platinum MEA Cedar Miles Gold
Cedar Miles Gold Gold
Cedar Miles Silver Silver
Club Premier Titanio AeroMexico Club Premier Gold
Club Premier Platino Gold
Club Premier Oro Silver
Ethiad Guest Platinum Ethiad Ethiad Guest Gold
Ethiad Guest Gold Gold
Ethiad Guest Silver Silver
Executive Club Gold British Airways Executive Club Gold
Executive Club Silver Gold
Executive Club Bronze Silver
Finnair Plus Platinum Finnair Finnair Plus Gold 
Finnair Plus Gold Gold
Finnair Plus Silver Silver
Flying Blue Platinum Airfrance / KLM / Tarom / Kenya Airways Flying Blue Gold 
Flying Blue Gold Gold
Flying Blue Silver Silver
Iberia Plus Infinita Prime Iberia  Iberia Plus Gold
Iberia Plus Infinita Gold
Iberia Singular Gold
Iberia Plus Platinum Gold
Iberia Plus Gold Gold
Iberia Plus Silver Silver
LATAM Pass Black Signature LATAM LATAM Pass Gold 
LATAM Pass Black Gold
LATAM Pass Platinum Gold
LATAM Pass Gold Plus Silver
LATAM Pass Gold Silver
FrecciaAlataPlus Alitalia MilleMiglia Gold 
FrecciaAlata Gold
Ulisse Silver
OK Plus Platinum Czech Airlines OK Plus Gold 
OK Plus Gold Gold
OK Plus Silver Silver
Privilege Club Platinum Qatar Privilege Club Gold
Privilege Club Gold Gold
Privilege Club Silver Silver
Platinum HAWK Royal Jordanian Royal Club Gold
Silver JAY Silver
Safar Flyer Ambassador

Royal Air Maroc

Safar Flyer Gold 
Safar Flyer Platinum Gold
Safar Flyer Gold Gold
Safar Flyer Silver Silver
SkyMiles Medallion Diamond Delta SkyMiles Gold
SkyMiles Medallion Platinum Gold
SkyMiles Medallion Gold Gold
SkyMiles Medallion Silver Silver
Skywards Platinum Emirates Skywards Gold
Skywards Gold Gold
Skywards Silver Silver
Smiles Diamante
GOL Smiles Gold 
Smiles Ouro Silver
TudoAzul Diamante Azul


TudoAzul Safira Silver
2.4. Proof of Eligible Frequent Flyer Programme status
2.4.1. Proof of status in an Eligible Frequent Flyer Programme identified in the table above should preferably be provided by presenting a copy of the physical frequent flyer card in the format required in the Application Forms. If the Client / New Client does not have a physical frequent flyer card, a copy of the digital card will be acceptable. 
In either case, the image must include the whole card, showing at least the following: (i) cardholder’s name; (ii) client number; (iii) expiry date; and (iv) frequent flyer programme and status. 
2.4.2. Without prejudice to Point 2.4.1., as part of the Application process, TAP Air Portugal may, if it so chooses, require the Client / New Client to provide further elements, information and/or documents that can prove their membership of an Eligible Frequent Flyer Programme, their status within this programme and its validity on the date of Application.
These include, under penalty of Non Validation and Application Exclusion, the following: (i) copy of the physical Eligible Frequent Flyer Programme card; (ii) new copy of the same card submitted in a new digital format and/or in better graphical resolution; (iii) extract of miles/points earnings justifying status level; (iv) statement issued by the Eligible Frequent Flyer Programme confirming the requirements of Point 2.4.1.
2.5. Submitting an Application
For the purpose of submitting an Application:
  • The Client must submit the application form through the link available on the FlyTAP page, with a copy of the frequent flyer card as set out in clause 2.4.1. of the Regulations;
  • New Clients must attach a copy of their frequent flyer card in the specific field available for this purpose on the TAP Miles&Go Programme application form, as set out in clause 2.4.1. of the Regulations.
Once this has been done, the Client / New Client must follow the instructions they may receive from statusmatch@tapmilesandgo.com.
Applications submitted by any other means or in a form not provided for in the Regulations, even when submitted via one of the Programme’s other official channels, and/or which do not comply fully with the requirements set out therein, shall not be considered.
2.6. Application Validation
2.6.1. Clients / New Clients who submit Applications will be notified, pursuant to this clause’s following paragraphs, within 30 (thirty) days of submitting their application in a message from statusmatch@tapmilesandgo.com.

2.6.2. Applications that do not meet the eligibility criteria and/or any of the other conditions set out in these Regulations will be ruled Not Valid and Excluded. 

2.6.3. Applications that have presented a copy of a frequent flyer card that is illegible, corrupted, incomplete, erased and/or expired will be temporarily invalidated. In this event, if the Client / New Client wishes, within 5 (five) days of being notified in accordance with clause 2.6.1., they may proceed as indicated in the said notification to remedy their Application. Should the Client / New Client choose not to remedy their application within the timescale set out, the Application will be ruled Not Valid and Excluded. 

2.6.4. Applications subject to the procedure described in clause 2.4.2 will be temporarily validated. In this case, the Client / New Client may proceed as indicated in the notification and must do so within 15 (fifteen) days of receiving the notification.  Should the Client / New Client choose not to remedy their application within the timescale set out, the Application will be ruled Not Valid and Excluded.

2.6.5. Applications that comply with the provisions of the Validation Process set out in the Regulations will be validated and will move forward to the Approval Process.
3.1. Approval Criteria
Applications subject to Validation will be eligible for Approval if the Client / New Client purchases 1 (one) or more of the following TAP Miles&Go Products:
  1. Miles Purchase: purchase 4,000 (four thousand) or more miles at the TAP Miles&Go Store;
  2. Club TAP Miles&Go: join any of the available Clubs.
3.2. Conditions of Purchase
The purchase must take place using the TAP Miles&Go Account associated with the Application, preferably through milesandgo.flytap.com, or alternatively through the TAP Miles&Go Programme Contact Centre.
The purchase will only be considered if it is made after the date the Application was submitted. Purchases made prior to the date the Application was submitted will not be considered.
The purchase must be made no more than 10 (ten) days after being notified that the Application has been Validated.
Should the Client / New Client fail to make a purchase within the time stipulated, their Application will be Excluded from the Campaign.
3.3. TAP Miles&Go Product Refund Conditions
Purchases made within the scope of this Campaign are non-refundable, including in the event of Non Validation, Exclusion or any other form of termination of participation in the Campaign, regardless of the reason for this situation. 
3.4. Approval, Promotion and Renewal
3.4.1. An application is considered Approved once notification has been sent by TAP Air Portugal via the email address statusmatch@tapmilesandgo.com.
The Promotion of the TAP Miles&Go account linked to the Approved Application will take place within 15 (fifteen) days of the date of notification and will be valid for a minimum of 12 (twelve) months from the date of Approval.

3.4.2. At the end of the Annual Miles Earning Period, the Client’s / New Client’s status will be regulated in accordance with the general regulations applicable to the TAP Miles&Go Programme. 
3.4.3. While enjoying the benefits of the Status Match Campaign, that is to say, from the time of Promotion to the first Renewal, Clients are expressly excluded from the general Promotion, Renewal and Downgrading rules in force under the TAP Miles&Go Programme, even when possible application of the general rules will be beneficial to the Client.
3.5. Benefits and Exceptions
3.5.1. The Client / New Client beneficiary of the Campaign may enjoy all the benefits included in the TAP Miles&Go Programme that are associated with their respective status (TAP Miles&Go Gold or TAP Miles&Go Silver), unless expressly stated otherwise in these Regulations, in the benefit conditions and/or the TAP Miles&Go Programme Terms and Conditions.

3.5.2. Prior to first Renewal, the Client / New Client with TAP Miles&Go Gold status may not:
  1. nominate a Gold Partner; or
  2. request to be issued with any physical card.
4.1. Fraud or Bad Faith
TAP Air Portugal may terminate the participation of a particular Client / New Client in the Campaign with immediate effect if the Client / New Client in question fails to comply with these Regulations and/or the Tap Miles&Go Programme Terms and Conditions and/or other rules and regulations incorporated therein by reference, provided that such terms, rules and regulations have been duly and in a timely manner communicated to the Client / New Client.
The provision of false, improper or abusive information by the Client / New Client shall lead to their immediate Exclusion from this Campaign and the removal of all benefits granted, without prejudice to other applicable sanctions provided for in the TAP Miles&Go Programme Terms and Conditions.
4.2. Withdrawal from the Campaign
With the exceptions of the situations set out in Point 4.1, Applications cannot be withdrawn once they have been Approved and Promoted.
4.3. Interpretation, Omissions and Changes
The TAP Miles&Go Programme and TAP Air Portugal are solely responsible for resolving questions, doubts or omissions related to these Regulations and/or the Campaign.
TAP Air Portugal reserves the right to make changes and/or additions to these Regulations at any time, without prior notice, and to modify or suspend, temporarily or permanently, this Campaign at any time. 
Any amendments and/or additions to these Regulations shall come into force the moment they are published on the milesandgo.flytap.com website.

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