Sea, sun, beaches and ruins. There is no end to Mexico’s charms.


From the beaches lapped by blue seas to Mayan ruins, Mexico’s natural beauty is unrivalled. Here experiences are always unique and the list of reasons for visiting the country goes on for ever.
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Lose yourself in history
Mexico is a real paradise for lovers of history and archaeology, with the ruins at Chichén Itzá and the Teotihuacán pyramids just two examples of the small wonders of the country’s Mayan culture. Mérida, the “white city” with its many cultural and gastronomic traditions, and the friendly city of Guanajuato, which UNESCO has named a World Heritage Site, are both must-see places. For lovers of strong and spicy flavours, the famous tacos and burritos are real treats for the taste buds.

Enjoy its small peculiarities
The beaches of Mexico, small wonders of white sand, have the ability to appeal to all tastes. Busy or quiet, with choppy or calm waters, the excellence of them all is beyond doubt and able to impress everyone. Cancún has the best infrastructure, with lots of hotels and restaurants. Refresh yourself with a margarita and relax.

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