On the left, a photograph of a woman sitting comfortably inside an airplane. On the right, a photograph of another woman sitting inside a train, looking out the window. Both of them are using headphones. The ambiance on the plane and train is calm, with no other people visible.

Europe by plane and train

Travel to the main stations of several European cities.

Combine trips into a single ticket

With TAP partnerships, you get more options to go where you want to go and travel to the main stations of several cities in Europe - in addition to those served by an airport. Combine your plane and train trip into a single ticket, avoid long layovers and reach your final destination faster.

How to travel with a combined ticket:

Photograph of a woman sitting at a lounge table with a laptop. There is a cell phone on the table next to the computer. The woman uses headphones and wears a black blazer over a white shirt. We can see other empty tables and chairs. The lounge has a peaceful ambiance.
  • Book your train ticket when booking your flight with TAP. 
  • Check-in for the train trip is mandatory and is available 72 hours prior to departure.
  • After checking in, you will receive a boarding pass that you must present to board the train.
Three passengers – a couple and a boy – are standing at the airport, next to a counter to check in their luggage. The man grabs a luggage tag that is attached to the hold suitcase. The suitcase is on a conveyor belt to be weighed and checked. The woman is holding a ticket. She and the boy are waiting next to the man.
  • You have the right to carry with you the same baggage that you carry on the plane.
  • You are responsible for picking up and transporting your baggage during the transfer from the plane to the train and vice versa.
Three people – two women and a boy – are sitting on chairs at the airport. The two women talk excitedly. Next to them, there's a quiet boy wearing headphones. In a blurred shot, other people can be seen sitting.
  • To avoid missing your flight connection, we recommend that you arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight's departure time.

Available partnerships and stations:

Deutsche Bahn


Combined Ticket

Ticket acquisition and conditions of use:

  • Bookings through your travel agency or TAP's Contact Center.
  • Booking a trip for a specific train connection.
  • Tickets are valid for the day of departure through check-in and boarding. If you do not check in, the ticket may be rescheduled for another date as long as it is connected to a flight.
  • Once checked in, it will not be possible to make changes or refunds.

Available origins/destinations:

Frankfurt Airport - Stations at Cologne, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Basel, Munich, Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Nuremberg, Bremen and Münster (and vice versa).

Berlin Brandenburg Airport - Dresden Station (and vice versa).


Check-in here and follow these steps:

  • Enter your name and booking reference or your ticket number.
  • You can add up to 4 passengers who are part of the same flight booking and who want exactly the same train connection for the entire trip.
  • Review and confirm the passengers.
  • The ticket will be sent to your email or you can download it. Keep this ticket, which you must show on board the train, along with your identity document and your airline ticket, if requested.

Rail & Fly Service

  • The Rail & Fly service is valid on the entire Deutsche Bahn railway network in Germany (with departure/arrival from/to all German airports included in the TAP network, as well as to/from the Basel and Salzburg airports).
  • This service is also available from departures throughout the entire Deutsche Bahn network to Amsterdam, Zurich and Brussels airports and vice versa.
  • It is also valid on TGV and Railjet trains, only on selected routes.
  • The fare purchased for your air trip is reflected in your train trip (Business - 1st Class / Economy - 2nd Class).
  • Bookings through your travel agency or TAP's Contact Center.
  • The train timetables indicated in the booking are fictitious. The most convenient real schedule can be chosen when checking in for the train.
  • You must check in for both sectors (plane/train or train/plane) before boarding the train sector, regardless of the sequence of the trip.
  • Check-in for train sectors can be done at the following time intervals:
    • To the airport: on the departure day of the flight from Germany and the preceding day.
    • From the airport: on the arrival day of the flight to Germany and the following day.
  • See all terms and conditions here.  

Check-in here.

Railway company ÖBB
From/to Vienna Airport:
  • St. Pölten Hbf
  • Linz Hbf
  • Salzburg Hbf
  • Innsbruck Hbf
  • Bregenz
  • Graz Hbf
  • Wien Hbf (Vienna main station)
  • Klagenfurt Hbf*
  • Brno hl.n.*
  • Praha hl.n.*
  • Ostrava hl.n.*
  • Györ*
  • Budapest keleti*

*No direct connection. You must switch trains at Wien Hbf.
Railway company SNCB/NS Int.
Belgium - From/to Brussels Airport:
  • Breda
  • Rotterdam
  • The Hague
Netherlands - From/to Antwerp Airport:
  • Amsterdam Schiphol
Railway company Trenitalia
From/to Rome Fiumicino Airport:
  • Bari Centrale
  • Bologna Centrale
  • Brescia
  • Brindisi
  • Caserta
  • Firenze Campo Di Marte
  • Firenze S. M. Novella
  • Foggia
  • Genova Brignole
  • Genova Piazza Principale
  • La Spezzia Centrale
  • Lamezia Terme Centrale
  • Lecce
  • Milano Centrale
  • Milano Rogoredo
  • Napoli Centrale
  • Napoli Afragola
  • Padova
  • Pisa Centrale
  • Reggio Calabria C.
  • Salerno
  • Torino Porta Nuova
  • Trieste Airport
  • Trieste Centrale
  • Venezia Mestre
  • Venezia S. Lucia
  • Verona Porta Nuova

From/to Milan Malpensa Airport:
  • Bari Centrale
  • Bologna Centrale
  • Brescia
  • Brindisi
  • Caserta
  • Firenze S. M. Novella
  • Foggia
  • Genova Brignole
  • Genova Piazza Principale
  • Lamezia Terme Centrale
  • Lecce
  • Napoli Afragola
  • Napoli Centrale
  • Padova
  • Reggio Calabria C.
  • Salerno
  • Torino Porta Nuova
  • Trieste Airport
  • Trieste Centrale
  • Venezia Mestre
  • Venezia S. Lucia
  • Verona Porta Nuova
Railway companies First TransPennine Express, Great Western Rail (GWR), Heathrow Express (HEX) and LNER
From/to Manchester Airport (First Transpennine Express):
  • York
  • Sheffield
  • Liverpool
  • Preston
  • Lancaster
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow

From/to London Heathrow Airport* (GWR e HEX):
  • Bath
  • Bridgwater
  • Bristol Parkway
  • Bristol Temple Meads
  • Cardiff
  • Exeter
  • Falmouth
  • Gloucester
  • Hereford
  • Newport
  • Oxford
  • Par
  • Penzance
  • Plymouth
  • St. Austell
  • Swansea
  • Swindon
  • Taunton
  • Worcester

From/to London Gatwick Airport** (LNER):
  • Edinburgh 
  • Inverness 
  • Aberdeen 
  • York 
  • Newcastle 
  • Leeds 

*Including services: Heathrow Express between the Heathrow Airport (LHR) and the Paddington Station (QQP); and Great Western Rail between QQP and the next destination.
**Including Thameslink ticket between London Gatwick (LGW) and King's Cross St Pancras (QQK).
Railway company SJ
From/to Arlanda Airport:
  • Avesta Krylbo
  • Borlänge
  • Falun
  • Gävle
  • Hedemora
  • Hudiksvall
  • Leksand
  • Linköping
  • Mora
  • Norrköping
  • Örebro
  • Östersund
  • Sala
  • Söderhamn
  • Södertälje
  • Sundsvall
  • Uppsala
Railway company SBB
From/to Zurich Airport:
  • Basel SBB
  • Bern Hauptbahnhof
  • Chur
  • Geneva
  • Grenchen Sud
  • Lausanne
  • Luzern
  • Sion (Airport)
  • St. Gallen
  • Zurich (Airport)
  • Zurich
Check-in here.
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