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Baggage deposit

Leave your luggage and enjoy the city.
Available in 250 cities in 24 countries, and with more than 100,000 users around the world, is a service that enables travellers to leave their luggage in a secure place while they explore the city they are visiting. 

There are more than 100 baggage deposits available in Portugal to look after your luggage 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are no size or weight limits, so choose the baggage deposit closest to you. 

You can use this service for a few hours up to 30 days for €6 per bag per day (and €4 per bag per extra day). Stopover clients get an extra 15% off. 

How to book

Illustration with 3 elements. To the left, a calendar in shades of green with some days crossed off in red. In the center, a globe in shades of green and white, with 3 geolocation symbols on different points of the map. Two of these symbols are green; the other one is red and has a white arrow over it. To the right there is a green bag with wheels and a red handle.
1. Select the city

Choose the city, number of bags and deposit and collection times.

Illustration with three elements. To the left, a green cabin bag with a red handle. In the center, two hands are holding a white mobile device with green lines and a red geolocation symbol hanging over it. To the right, a two-story building in green hues.
2. Select a baggage deposit

Use the interactive map to choose the most suitable baggage deposit.

Illustration with several elements. To the left there is an image of a path in shades of green and a red geolocation symbol hanging over it. In the center, two hands are holding a white mobile device showing a green envelope on the screen, with a red circle and the number 1 over it. In the upper right corner of the mobile device there is a red circle with a white visa inside. On the right side of the illustration there is a red mobile device with a green dialogue balloon on the screen and the symbol of a light green phone inside the balloon.
3. Complete the booking

You will receive a confirmation email when you finalise your booking. You will also be given access to your baggage deposit address and contact information. 

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