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TAP Miles&Go Clients make charity trips possible

Donated miles made a big difference in 2022. Together we gifted 12,500 million miles, carrying good causes on our wings!

Between January and December 2022, thanks to the miles gifted by TAP Miles&Go Clients to the various TAP Donate Miles partners, it was possible to donate 247 trips to volunteers and professionals from these organizations.

During this period several projects were implemented in 27 TAP destinations, carried out by APAV, Estímulo, Médicos do Mundo, Mundo a Sorrir, SIM, and WACT (programme partners from 2019 to 2022) and, more recently, by AMI, Helpo and Terra dos Sonhos, who joined the programme in 2022 and will stay until 2024.

TAP Donate Miles Special Campaigns have also made it possible to support organizations such as Ukrainian Refugees UAPT, Médicos do Mundo, Corações Com Coroa, A Avó Veio Trabalhar, and Renovar a Mouraria - providing humanitarian aid in Ukraine, supporting education projects focused on gender equality and the eradication of violence, making the dreams of senior citizens come true, and bringing joy to children and youth from migrant families.

In 2023 the pool of TAP Donate Miles partners consists of AMI, Helpo and Terra dos Sonhos - organizations that need the miles gifted by TAP Miles&Go Clients to build a better, more charitable, and more sustainable world. 

Current TAP Donate Miles partners


AMI – Assistência Médica Internacional (International Medical Assistance) implements projects focusing on sexual health; the rehabilitation of educational establishments; charity initiatives involving volunteers; project assessment; and meetings with local institutional partners. Internationally, AMI seeks to adapt its activities to the needs and characteristics of each specific context, adopting a phased intervention in order to secure the sustainability of the development process. 
In Portugal, AMI aims to mitigate the consequences of poverty and social exclusion by supporting Porta Amiga centers, Night Shelters for the Homeless, Street Teams, Home Support Services, and the Food Reception Centre. 
The three destinations of charity trips carried out in 2022 with the help of the TAP Donate Miles Programme - and with the goal of building a more sustainable, more tolerant, less indifferent, and less violent world - were Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, and Madeira.


Helpo provides direct support to thousands of beneficiaries - especially children and teenagers - in Mozambique and São Tomé and Príncipe. In Mozambique, the organization supports the education of 57,000 children, provides assistance to mothers and infants, and advances the integration of internally displaced people into Cabo Delgado's educational system. 
This project supports about 14,000 direct and indirect beneficiaries, encourages the enrollment of young girls in STEM courses, and aims to promote greater gender equality in those fields. It benefits 1,080 female students and 32 schoolteachers, as well as the education teams that work directly with educators, parents and children who attend the four pre-schools managed by the project. 
In São Tomé and Príncipe, Helpo sponsors and benefits 4,183 students from ten educational institutions; supports the purchase of school materials for all students in the institutions covered by the project; and provides funds for the weekly purchase of protein to complement the daily school meals of all children attending these institutions. 
The project also ensures structural improvements in the buildings and recreation spaces of daycare centers and schools, with a particular focus on kitchens and the utensils used for cooking, storing, and eating school meals; the regular delivery of furniture and educational materials to schools and kindergartens; the maintenance and installation of sanitary ware and water provision points; and 89 scholarships to help students pursue educational degrees that pose greater challenges to families. 

Terra dos Sonhos

Terra dos Sonhos (Dreamland) aims to continuously foster the well-being of children, youth and adults in vulnerable situations, via three different programs - Sonhos Transformadores (Transformative Dreams), Oficina do Sonho (Dream Workshop) and WeGuide -, thereby providing close and integrated support. 
In 2022, Terra dos Sonhos made 11 Transformative Dreams come true, aiming at the development of social and emotional skills while helping children and young people follow their dreams and believe that happiness is in their hands. 
The main goal of Transformative Dreams is to help seriously diseased or terminally ill children and young people make their dreams come true, thereby proving that nothing is impossible. 
Transformative Dreams bring hope by contributing to a better state of mind and creating magical moments that highlight the importance of positive emotions in situations of great vulnerability. Porto, Funchal, Lisbon, Paris and Salvador were the chosen destinations to make this dream come true. 
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