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In order to easy the procedures for flight changing and cancellation, and also the preservation of miles and benefits, we have decided to implement temporary changes in our Programme.
We live in unprecedented time, with impacts on the health of our families, on the global economy and, in particular, on the aviation industry. The imposition of restrictions on people’s mobility, as the main measure to contain and eradicate the coronavirus COVID-19, with border closures and declarations of states of emergency by government authorities, has been vertiginous and has greatly impacted our operation as well as the changes our Clients had to make to their travel plans.

We know the importance of flexibility in the change and cancellation processes, as well as the trust and respect for your miles and benefits, so we made the decision to implement the following temporary measures in our Program.
If you have obtained your status through flown Status Miles or flown segments and you have not reached the minimum enough to renew it, do not worry, because we are extending your current Gold or Silver status for at least 12 months. Valid for all status renewals up to 31 December 2021.
1Valid only for those who obtained Gold or Silver status through Status Miles or flown segments. Those who obtained Status through other means such as Club TAP Miles&Go, Credit Card, Partners Gold Clients, Status Match, campaigns or others, are excluded.
If you have miles expiring in 2021 and have flown with TAP1 during your current annual accrual period, and either have a TAP Miles&Go Club (Extra, Top or Platinum membership)2, the validity of your miles will be extended for another 12 months. This measure is valid for any miles that expire between 1 August and 31 December 2021.
1Valid for TAP flights, with tickets issued for cash or TAP Miles&Go miles.
2Valid for TAP Miles&Go Extra, Top or Platinum Club Members only. Club TAP Miles&Go Basic holders, with an active club from 1 August, are excluded from this offer.
Avoid our traditional service channels, manage your reservation faster and more conveniently on our website through "Manage my Booking".
You can get Silver or Gold status for half price until 31 December 20211.
  • Silver: Earn 15,000 Status Miles or fly 12 segments with TAP;
  • Gold: Earn 35,000 Status Miles or fly 25 segments with TAP.
1Valid until 31 December 2021, only for clients who are Club TAP Miles&Go members or who sign up. Those who obtained Status through Gold Partner or any other campaigns, are excluded.
We are fully committed to taking our Clients back home, to their families, seeking at all times to overcome the operational impacts that this global context has generated.

We want to continue to be worthy of your trust and we are convinced that we will soon restore our operation, always with a focus on providing the best experience to our Clients.

Thank you for being our Clients!
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