Causes with Wings

With TAP, your mission flies higher

Part of the TAP Miles&Go Programme, TAP Donate Miles is TAP’s social responsibility initiative that enables clients to donate miles to partner bodies than can subsequently exchange them for travel, bringing help to those who need it most.

We would like to thank TAP Miles&Go Clients for their help in supporting the nine charity partners of the TAP Donate Miles program, which have reached this year's maximum amount of miles. Thank you for helping us carry good causes on our wings.

Mile by mile, we carry good causes on our wings.

Thank you very much for all your miles donations! This social responsibility initiative was a success, and all TAP Donate Miles partners have now reached their annual limit. We expect to roll out a new campaign soon so that we can continue to carry good causes on our wings together!
1. Join the TAP Miles&Go Programme
Log in to your account.
2. Select the entity
Select donate miles and decide who will receive your donation.
3. Thank you!
You have given wings to a good cause!
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TAP Donate Miles 
Thank you for giving wings to good causes
On International Thank You Day, we would like to thank all those who helped us make a difference in the lives of thousands of people throughout 2022.
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Donate miles
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TAP Donate Miles
Contribute to empowerment on International Women's Day
Donate your miles and help Girl MOVE Academy pave the way for gender equality!
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Terms and conditions

  1. Your donated miles cannot be refunded.
  2. This donation is not eligible for tax benefits.
  3. This campaign is valid all year long and is open to TAP Miles&Go Clients who have enough miles to donate.