Gift Miles

Offer a Gift Miles!

You can offer a Gift Miles to the ones who deserve miles of love!
Buy a voucher filled with Victoria miles and send it to someone special.

How can you buy it? It’s simple!

Go to the client area
To buy one of the available vouchers, enter your personal details as a Victoria Client.
Choose Gift Miles
Pick the perfect voucher. You can choose between 3,000, 7,500, 10,000 and 15,000 miles.
Send Gift Miles
To send your Gift Miles, all you need is the recipient’s email and Victoria Client Number. The miles can only be credited in a Victoria Account that isn’t your own.

Terms and Conditions


  • The Gift Miles offers are only available online, at Gift Miles, and all the purchases must be carried out in Euros.
  • After purchasing the product, the transaction is not reversible and/or refundable.
  • Miles can only be purchased to credit accounts belonging to third parties. Purchasing miles for your own account is not allowed.
  • Multiple Vouchers can be acquired, but only one can be purchased at a time.
  • After acquiring the Gift Miles voucher, the miles will be automatically credited.
  • Maximum of 4(four) Gift Miles voucher can be credited on one same account for each annual qualification period (PMY).

Miles Credits - Conditions

  • The miles will be automatically credited after the acquisition of the voucher.
  • The miles can only be credited into a Victoria account that is not the buyer’s account.
  • The miles earned with a Gift Miles offer expire after an annual qualification period (PMY). This period is calculated in accordance with the annual qualification period of the account that received the voucher.
  • The miles earned with Gift Miles are bonus miles and do not count for the purposes of rising status.
  • The presented clients can receive up to 4(four) Gift Miles vouchers within their annual qualification period (PMY).

Available Vouchers

  • The price stipulated for the vouchers will be published at 'Buy Voucher', at the time of acquisition, except in cases of obvious error.
  • The purchase of the voucher is carried out in Euros, according to the selected value. 
Voucher price  Offered Miles Value
Gift Miles - €45 3,000 miles Gift Miles Voucher
Gift Miles - €115 7,500 miles Gift Miles Voucher
Gift Miles - €150 10,000 miles Gift Miles Voucher
Gift Miles - €225 15,000 miles Gift Miles Voucher

Payment Forms

  • Credit Card - Payment can be made using a VISA or Mastercard credit card.
Customer Support and other informations

For more information, contact Victoria Assistance Center.