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12 destinations to visit next year

If the theme "trips" is more than decided for some, for others it remains an indecisive matter for a variety of reasons. Between not knowing exactly what you want and when you want it, the indecisiveness often becomes an obstacle to move forward with that next trip.

But the truth is that after these last years, the desire to visit the world has become even greater, and being in the right place at the right time is one of the best combinations for a perfect trip.


Maceió, Brazil

The Smile City is a great destination at any time of the year, but it is during the month of January that the crystalline sea sparkles the brightest. Maceió is the perfect choice for those who love the sun, the beach, and culture. It is a true natural paradise to enjoy as a family or as a couple. Among the mandatory stops are the golden beaches of Ponta Verde and Jatiúca, and the raft trips through the natural pools of Pajuçara. The capital of the State of Alagoas is also a distinct portrait of different periods of history, these being visible in each of the existing buildings in the historical district of Jaraguá - the old bohemian area - where the diversity of talent and handmade materials of the local people can also be found. For those who want to escape the cold of the northern hemisphere, this northeastern refuge is definitely a warm and safe option.

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Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland's largest city offers a unique combination of culture and nature, with the modern and historical sides of the city. Despite the low temperatures in winter, traveling to Zurich in February is an excellent option, especially for those who love snow holidays. With plenty of adventure and fun added to the mix, this city is suitable for family holidays, as a couple or between friends, giving ski lovers the chance to experience at least one of the several stations located nearby. Zurich's scenery is unique and, when framed by the Uetliberg mountain which is just 100km from the city, its beauty gains even more charm. If the day is beautiful, it is possible to see the Alps to the south.
To escape the usual Carnival break - albeit traditionally effervescent - this city is a different plan to choose from.

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Tel Aviv, Israel

Modern and vibrant, Tel Aviv is a city of charms, easy to fall in love with. Seen as a worldwide reference for innovation and creativity, Tel Aviv is also modern and happy. With more than 300 days of sunshine, this Israeli treasure is a prime destination the whole year, but it is in March that its 14 stunning kilometers of beach makes an indelible impression. Between bike rides and sports like volleyball and surfing, this city also offers an impressive cultural and gastronomic richness. The old city of Jaffa and the famous Jaffa Flea Market, where you can find many typical products from the Middle East, are authentic landmarks. For the romantic, here's a tip: why not stop at the port of Jaffa - the oldest in the world - and watch the stunning sunset? 

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Florence, Italy

Visiting Florence in spring is a magnificent choice. The days are already sunnier and longer-lasting, the temperatures are more pleasant, and there is a whole landscape of Tuscan colors to admire. This is the city where you find the highest concentration of works of art in the world, making it possible to take a trip through time via its museums, galleries, monuments, churches, all the way to the "Cradle of Renaissance." Experiencing the scenarios of the Medici stories, being dazzled by the works of Michelangelo, Boticelli, and Leonardo da Vinci, crossing the Ponte Vecchio, and marveling at the beauty of the Duomo - these are just some examples of what you can do here. Between trips to the past and back to the present, try the local gastronomic delights, and don't miss the opportunity to stroll down Via de 'Tornabuoni, to discover the best of Italian fashion.

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Cancún, Mexico

To those passionate about the beach, the sun and resorts, this is your spot.  Cancún in May is an excellent choice as it is traditionally a less rainy month, but also less busy. The intense blue of the sea and the contrasting white of the sand are postcard-worthy, being that in the hotel area, famous for being shaped like the number 7, is where most of the beaches are located. At Playa Delfines, you will find the best view of the Caribbean Sea, and at Playa Tortugas, you can take part in the most exhilarating water sports. In the surroundings of this Mexican city, you'll still find the most impressive reflections of the Mayan Culture. Between the Kukulkán pyramid and the Tulum ruins, the options are extensive. For the more adventurous, the visit to one of the cenotes, the famous natural formation wells, should not be excluded. 

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Madeira Island, Portugal

Known as the pearl of the Atlantic, Madeira Island truly is a garden, but it is also sea and mountain, and it is, essentially, its people. From the north to the south of the island, there is a lot to see, feel, and taste. Funchal is where you will find the traditional basket cars - an experience of about 2km, which connects the Monte and Livramento areas -, the Mercado los Lavradores, an explosion of flavors center, and old town. But between curves and rocks, the charms go far beyond the capital of the archipelago. Make sure to visit the natural pools of Porto Moniz, the Fajã dos Padres, the vertiginous viewpoint of Cabo Girão, and the Ponta de São Lourenço, a magnificent place for a walk. For an even more complete visit, be sure to taste the poncha, and the kebab with bolo do caco.

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Boa Vista, Cape Verde

When the month of July arrives, there is nothing better than to relax on the island of Boa Vista, a paradise in Cape Verde. With 55km of sand and crystal clear water, there is plenty to choose from, between the sandy deserts, great for moments as a couple, or the famous beaches of Chaves and Estoril, for the more adventurous in water sports. If you are curious about wildlife, Ponta do Ervatão and Baía das Gatas are also two excellent options for visiting. Sal-Rei, the capital, is an excellent departure point to eat in very nice restaurants and listen to the melodic tone of the mornas. Be sure to pass through the Viana desert, which has an area equivalent to a quarter of the island, and also one of the most extraordinary places in Boa Vista.

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Miami, United States

Despite being one of the most popular destinations in the world, visiting Miami in August can prove to be a unique experience, as it is usually a less busy month. With warm temperatures almost all year round and also some rain, given its tropical climate, this city in Florida is ideal for fans of heat and hot water. Miami Beach has more than 11km of beach, but South Beach is the most "cool" zone, with its blocks of art deco buildings. With a vibrant pace and nightlife, it is very difficult to get bored here. The restaurants offer the strongest flavors - particularly Latino ones - and in Little Havana, the unmistakable Cuban-flavored coffee can be enjoyed. If shopping is always part of your plans when you go on a trip, we recommend a visit to the Sawgrass Mills outlet, where you will find hundreds of stores with the most incredible discounts.

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Bilbao, Spain

A trip to northern Spain in September? Yes! Bilbao is the true capital of the Basque Country and an authentic nucleus of Spanish urbanism. The famous Guggenheim Museum, the main reason why the city is known, has a contemporary architecture and bright surroundings, but, contrary to what many think, Bilbao is much more than that. The Vizcaya Bridge – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – the first in the world to transport people, and vehicles in a suspended cabin between the two banks of the Estuary of Bilbao, is also an experience that you cannot miss. Venture further by the Artxanda funicular, the Mercado da Ribeira and the captivating streets of the historical center. And since that in Basque Country, we eat and cry for more, be sure to try the delicious pintxos and marmitakos.

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Montreal, Canada

It is the second most populous city in Canada, the second largest francophone city in the world and, according to UNESCO, it is the city of design. This is how Montreal presents itself, one of the most vibrant cities in all of North America and the best option to visit in October. Walking around this city is like going back to the 18th century. With multiple museums, shops and restaurants, a strong French ancestry and some Irish, Scottish and English cultural traits, Montreal is a pleasantly special surprise. Urban parks, such as Mont Royal or the Botanical Garden, divide the options for its visitors, on days for nature or sport. Two very important tips: visit the Olympic Stadium and its 175-meter tower, and watch an ice hockey game, the national sport.

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Center of Afro-Brazilian culture, and recognized as "City of Music" by UNESCO, Salvador is synonymous with joy, dance, warmth and gastronomy to eat and cry for more. In the middle of the tropical zone, the city offers some of the best beaches in Brazil to those who visit it.
Whether in Porto da Barra Beach, Farol da Barra Beach, Ondina Beach or in the beautiful Itapuã Beach, you will always have warm, blue and crystal clear waters, clear sand and cinematic landscapes. For those who like to get out of the city's hustle and bustle and get to know the surroundings, Buracão Beach, Stella Maris Beach and Flamengo Beach are a must-see.
If you come back without tasting an unforgettable acarajé, sweet and salty tapioca and a seafood moqueca, the experience will not be complete.

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New York, United States

A perfect city to visit at any time of the year, but it has an exceptional character in this month. Traveling to New York in December is like entering the scenes of American Christmas films, filled with tradition, dreams, the frosty cold, and snow that all add up to be distinctly charming. From Times Square to Broadway, and from Central Park to Fifth Avenue, from the shortest to the longest trip, nothing will disappoint. Let yourself be dazzled by the panoramic view from the top of the Empire State Building, or even by walking the Brooklyn Bridge from end to end. These are experiences that you will remember forever. This city has a worldwide reputation and dwells in everyone's imagination, being also an excellent choice of destination to spend Christmas or even New Year's Eve. 

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