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New destinations in 2020

New routes for 2020 are already available! Discover more about the destinations that will start receiving TAP flights and book your next adventure!


Start of operation: March 25 2020 (4 flights per week)
Speaking of extraordinary destinations, Agadir gives you everything you need for a few days' rest. The city is known for its ten-kilometer beach, facing the Atlantic but protected from the wind by a kind of cove. The sea offers excellent conditions for water sports and sun all year round. Moreover, you will also find beautiful resorts, futuristic architecture, golf courses, medinas, and museums. A must-see destination!

Cape Town

Start of operation: November 11 2020 (3 flights per week)
The streets of Cape Town blend traditional African culture with modern life. All this against the backdrop of the iconic Table Mountain and the endless ocean. With a contagious rhythm, the city's cosmopolitan lifestyle offers a multitude of cultural attractions, but nothing beats its stunning beaches, breathtaking sea, and immensely green mountains. Immerse yourself in nature and embrace the smiles of this extraordinary destination!


Start of operation: October 30 2020 (3 flights per week)
It takes but a short walk along Cancun's sandy beaches and turquoise waters to fall in love with this destination's idyllic scenery. Beaches, stories, food, fun, and nightlife. A natural paradise that offers an incredible range of attractions: whether it's early in the morning, the mid-afternoon, or late in the evening, there's always something to do and discover.

Santiago de Compostela

Start of operation: March 25 2021 (7 flights per week)
The Divine and the mundane come together in the streets of Santiago de Compostela, providing their visitors with a remarkable experience in every sense. This Galician city offers you the best of the region, its contagious energy and culinary delicacies will make your trip special. Shops, bars, and restaurants are not to be missed, but it is the parks, gardens, and viewpoints that offer the most spectacular and fantastic panoramas.


Start of operations : October 2, 2020 (2 flights per week)
Did you know TAP did not announce a new route to Brazil five years ago? What's so special about Maceió? In short: It is a true paradise not to be missed! The capital of the state of Alagoas in northeastern Brazil is the ideal destination for families and lovers of sun, sea and culture. Warm turquoise water beaches, golden sand, and roads adorned with coconut trees are some of the undeniable beauties of this city. Get involved with the culture of this destination and get lost in its history while crossing the Jaraguá neighborhood with buildings that portray the different periods of Maceió's life.

Ponta Delgada - Boston

Start of operation: July 1 2020 (3 flights per week)
This seaside city was a birthplace for the United States. An historic city with an eye toward the future, Boston is a welcoming, exciting and dynamic place where we can always learn something new. The city's daily life revolves around the neighborhoods, the arts, music and sports.


Start of operations: July 30 2020 (3 flights per week)
Welcome to Montreal! Though the skyscrapers bring New York to mind, its historical heritage inevitably links this city with France. By the way, this is the second largest francophone city, right after Paris. As the city of contrasts, Montreal invites its visitors to divide their days between nature, sports and festivals. Annoyance will not be a watchword when visiting Montreal!

Ponta Delgada - Toronto

Start of operation: July 2 2020 (2 flights per week)
Multicultural, safe and cosmopolitan - these are just some of the adjectives that describe Canada’s largest city. Toronto is a city that should be discovered on foot. Its bold architecture can be admired from every street corner.

Porto - Sal Island

Start of operation: October 24 2020 (1 / 2 flights per week)
Sal Island is perfect for a family vacation, a romantic getaway or even a honeymoon. The musical rhythms are contagious, the people will enchant you with their kindness and the local cuisine is delicious – with a mixture of cultural influence. This route will start to operate in August, giving you the opportunity to fly directly from Porto to Sal Island.