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    Baggage problems - Find out what to do

    Baggage problems

    View the procedures for resolving a lost baggage situation as quickly as possible.

    Have you not received your baggage?

    If you have not received your baggage you must report the situation to us immediately, so we can resolve the issue as soon as possible.

    Report delayed baggage

    Notify us immediately if your baggage has not arrived at your destination, as expected. Do this at the Lost & Found desk at the arrival airport so that a Baggage Irregularity Report (RIB) can be issued.

    The situation is registered in the system and a reference number issued, which allows the status of the process to be monitored. It is important that you give us your contact details (mobile phone and e-mail) so we can keep you informed.

    The data provided in the RIB is entered into a worldwide search system, which you can access, to check the progress in locating your baggage (only available in English). Over the first 5 days, contact or go to the Lost & Found section of your local airport (the phone number will be provided with the RIB).

    Lost & Found provides all the necessary information to passengers, quickly and efficiently, through a simple telephone contact, with no need to travel to the airport.

    If the baggage has not been located after 5 days, make a written complaint, attaching all original documentation and the detailed list of the contents of the lost baggage, and send it all by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt to the following address:

    TAP Relazioni Clientela Assistenza Bagagli (residents in Italy)
    Via G. B. Martini, 13 - 00198 Roma


    Or to the respective TAP Customer Relations department in your country of permanent residence.

    Track your baggage

    Stay updated on the search for your baggage.

    You can check it at any time using our baggage locator and you can use the registration number provided when you first reported the lost baggage to change details of the process.

    Note: Since baggage is very similar, all identifying details are very important.