Learn to say “Jó éjszakát”


Which is the hungarian way of saying something simple as “good night”. This small country has a singular identity that we feel compelled to discover. Book a flight to Hungary.

The hungarian people descends from the Magyar, eastern tribes that settled in the Carpathian region. Franz Liszt and Bela Bartok are the greatest names of the nation's history.

From city to countryside
Budapest is the capital and the great centre for hungarian culture and innovation. On the rest of the country there’s a rich variety of habits and folklore traditions that remain. One particular element that sets Hungary apart is the language, which is complex and unlike any other known language is the world.

Body and soul
It’s an inland country but has strong connection to water — through the largest lake in Europe, the Balaton, several rivers such as the Danube, or the second thermal lake in the world (Hévíz). Thermal baths are a national tradition in Hungary. Just like goulash, the internationally famous stew!
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