Digital kiosk - Read while travelling

Digital Kiosk

Reading just got lighter. Download newspapers and magazines to your mobile device, so you don’t have to carry physical copies with you.

A portable kiosk

TAP has a totally free service (valid only for TAP Customers travelling on flights operated by TAP) which allows newspapers and magazines to be downloaded to smartphones or tablets and to read them offline during the flight.

The number of publications you can download varies according to your ticket. The publications that can be downloaded are:

  • topexecutive and executive: download up to seven different publications;
  • plus: three publications can be downloaded;
  • classic and basic: two publications can be downloaded;
  • discount: only one publication can be accessed.

Victoria Silver Clients can download three publications and Vitoria Gold Clients up to seven publications.

If you use a tap|corporate or TAP Platinum American Express card you can download seven publications, unless you are travelling on discount, in which case the rules of this fare apply.

Access to media content in digital format will not only provide greater comfort when travelling but also contributes to a greener environment, to which TAP maintains a faithful commitment.

This service is not yet available for flights departing from La Coruña and Vigo.

How it works

Open the TAP mobile application on your electronic device, check-in and then follow these steps:

  1. Open the Digital Kiosk Menu in the TAP app (Services - Kiosk);
  2. Insert the code* of your booking in the “Add Booking” option;
  3. Browse the catalogue and download the publications you want;
  4. Enjoy reading!
*The code is composed of 6 alpha-numeric digits and is indicated on your boarding pass and the email or SMS notifications.

The digital kiosk is available on:

IOS | Android

Print media

Physical newspapers and magazines are only provided in Business Class on long-haul flights, at TAP Premium Lounge in Lisbon and in Funchal and at the Blue Lounge.
Outside Portugal, printed newspapers and magazines can be found at the following:

  • Star Alliance Lounge at São Paulo - Guarulhos;
  • VIP Room at São Paulo - Viracopos;
  • LH Lounge in New York;
  • Lounge Italviages at Caracas Airport;
  • LAM in Maputo;
  • TAAG Welwich Room in Luanda;
  • TAP Premium Lounge.