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    Austrian Airlines

    Austrian Airlines

    Earn and spend miles with Austrian Airlines.

    Austrian Airlines is famous for its network of routes extending through Central Europe and Eastern Europe to the Middle East. It has been a partner airline since March 2005.

    Earn miles with Austrian Airlines.

    Austrian Airlines started flying in 1958 and since then it has been successful in creating a very unique concept: it is an airline specialising in flying to far flung locations. Find out how you can earn miles with Austrian Airlines.

    All you have to do to collect miles is book a flight with Austrian Airlines. If you book online and indicate your Victoria number your miles will be credited automatically.

    Make sure that the name on your ticket is the same as that registered in your Victoria Account and that the flight and fare are eligible for earning miles.

    If you have forgotten to indicate your Victoria Customer number you can access your Victoria profile and claim your miles.

    If the name on your ticket is not the same as that registered for your Victoria account, please contact the Victoria Service Centre with your ID at hand to claim your miles from the partner.

    Have a good trip!

    1 flight  economy (classes V, W)
    igual a
    50% of miles flown
    1 flight  economy (classes B, G, H, M, Q, U, Y)
    igual a
    1 flight  executive (classes C, D, J, Z)
    igual a

    Terms and conditions

    1. All eligible miles are credited to your balance as Bonus Miles and they can be exchanged for benefits. Only miles earned from flights with TAP and members of the Star Alliance network are considered Status Miles and count towards Silver and Gold status.
    2. Earning miles is subject to the terms of the airline operating the flight. Charter flights are excluded.
    3. The partner airline may, in accordance with its terms and conditions, exclude any fare that has been used to get discounts on upgrades.
    4. Miles not automatically credited may be claimed up to six months after the flight date.

    Spend your miles with Austrian Airlines

    When you fly Austrian Airlines you not only earn miles but can also spend your miles on promotions and special offers.

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    2. Round-the- world ticket - Spend your miles flying around the world on board the Star Alliance network
    3. Award ticket - Just choose a Star Alliance member and take off on your dream trip.