To all nature lovers, trekking enthusiasts and bird-watching fans, The Gambia is the perfect destination. Discover this smile of the African coast. Book a trip to The Gambia and…

Enjoy your dream holidays away from the crowds
Whether you choose trekking, watching the hundreds of bird species that inhabit this territory, discovering the small villages throughout this country circled by Senegal, or simply dedicating yourself to the beach, you will be able to do it far from the overcrowded tourism of other countries. The Gambia is a fan of sustainable tourism and it is also a hidden treasure, the smallest treasure in Africa.

Be a part of the sustainable tourism movement
It is a growing concern in the tourism industry throughout the globe. The preservation of what is local and traditional, the tourism impact in the ecosystems, the danger of gentrification and saturation, have led The Gambia to adopt policies of awareness for sustainable tourism, with many businesses emerging with these concerns, allowing visitors to have a more pleasant and genuine experience of the country.

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