Dams and plains, cheese and wooden clogs, flowers and windmills. Millions of bicycles. A society tolerant with customs and calvinist with ethics, proud of the monarchy. Today it’s a cultural destination of excellence. Book a flight to Netherland.

God created the earth, the Dutch created the Netherlands

The country was already plain when the dams made their conquest over the sea. Flatland is a part of the multicoloured landscapes, decorated by plantations of tulips (a national obsession) and the one thousand windmills that still exist throughout the country. This was the background for famous names of Dutch culture, from Rembrandt in painting to Spinoza in philosophy.

A progressive land of traditions

To say Holland rhymes with coffeeshops is to caricature the liberal trademark of the dutch institutions, from economy to private conduct. But there are many coffeeshops. And lots of sex-shops. And all kinds of brothels. All in a country that is traditionally protestant in the north and stubbornly catholic in the south. Maybe that’s one of the causes for intrigue and fascination.

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