Did you know it was a Swede, Nils Bohlin, who invented the seatbelt? There are so many reasons to explore this country. The air is fresh and clean. Peace and tolerance are all around... Book a flight to Sweden.

And the cities!
You may come to ski or meet the Sami in the north; but Sweden is much better in the summer. The capital Stockholm, a gorgeous archipelago, Gothenburg and Malmö are cultural references. And it’s difficult to resist the Drottningholm palace, Jukkasjärvi’s ice hotel and the medieval city of Visby.

What about the aurora borealis?
This is the land of the midnight sun, a period of ininterrupt light during summer. Of icy mountains in the north and lovely cottages in the southern plains. It’s worth to take a trip in Göta Canal, to see the northern lights in Abisko... and then taste the famous Swedish meatballs.

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