Reservation management

Self Service tool for delayed or canceled flights

When things don’t go as planned, TAP is here to offer you the best help possible.
We have launched a Self Service tool to help you manage your bookings more conveniently, available if your flight is delayed and you consequently miss a connection or there is a cancellation.

How do I access this feature?

If there is a problem with your flight, you can access this feature in Self Service through:

Avoid lines and guarantee your new flight in just a few minutes!

With TAP’s new Self Service feature, choosing a more convenient alternative for your trip is easier and quicker!

Do you have any questions about the management of your affected flight?

Below are some of the questions you may have about this tool, from the conditions of access, through how to change or cancel your flight to requesting a refund or a declaration of irregularity.

1. Description of and access to the Self Service feature

TAP has developed a Self Service feature that is available in the Booking Management area or via a specific link, which allows TAP passengers to quickly and independently manage a booking that has been affected by a delay with a missed connection, cancellation or overbooking (setting these circumstances as an “irregularity”).
  • Accept the alternative flight offered by TAP;
  • Change the alternative flight offered by TAP and book another TAP-operated flight;
  • Request a refund (of the ticket price);
  • Request a certificate of irregularity.
  • Via a link sent by e-mail, text message or push message (for passengers who have installed the TAP App with login) to the contact details provided in the booking;
  • Via “My Bookings”.
All passengers with an active booking on TAP flights and whose bookings are not included in the exclusions described in point 6.
Passengers do not have access to this Self Service feature if the following apply:
  • Group bookings (with more than 9 passengers);
  • Bookings that include deported passengers or unaccompanied minors;
  • Bookings that include wheelchairs or other specialist medical services, such as stretchers, etc.;
  • Bookings with requests for special seating;
  • Staff bookings;
  • Bookings without passenger contact information;
  • Bookings with journey segments operated by another airline.
  • Bookings with other airlines on flights operated by TAP (when the irregularity occurs more than 72 hours from the flight). 
Access to this Self Service feature is through the booking details. TAP makes the booking details available to all passengers who purchase their flights directly with the company. If the passenger booking has been made through a travel agent, the agent will be responsible for providing the passengers with the booking details that will provide access to this Self Service feature.
  • Selecting a flight operated by an airline other than TAP. Re-routing with partner airlines in the event of irregularities is only possible through TAP agents or their representatives at the airport or through the TAP Contact Centre;
  • Where there is more than one passenger on a booking, changes cannot be made to just one passenger’s booking: all passengers are affected;
  • Changes to bookings with TAP partners (accommodation, car hire, cruises, car parks, transfers, tours and activities, health card, travel insurance, etc.) Any alterations to your journey that result in the loss of benefits or services booked with TAP partners cannot be amended or cancelled using this feature. To reactivate or reschedule such benefits or services you must contact the relevant partner (points 27 and 28);
  • This does not allow you to purchase services or make payments of any kind;
  • This does not allow changes to a different class than the original ticket;
  • It is not possible to schedule the return flight to the original departure location when the journey is cancelled and a refund requested.

2. Refunds for unavailable extras

Where you are not provided with all the services you originally purchased on the re-routing flight, you may request a refund of the amount corresponding to the services you lost here.
You can request a refund during the confirmation, change or cancellation process, or you can use this form at a later date.  

3. Change flight(s) allocated by TAP

You can make the desired changes to the flights allocated by TAP if these are made before the check-in for the allocated flight closes.
If the flight(s) allocated do not meet your needs, you may change or cancel your booking here. If you cannot find a viable alternative, then please get in touch with our Contact Centre.
Yes, you can make changes to all (flight) segments of the affected booking if they have not already departed and they are operated by TAP.
  • There are no charges when the passenger changes a flight as a result of changes to the first flight, and when this flight has the same destination as the original flight.
  • This Self Service feature lets you change at no cost during the 24 hours following the first change you made. This 24-hour period only applies to flights with an irregularity that are scheduled to depart more than 72 hours later. After this 24-hour period, for any change, costs associated with the purchased tariff apply. 
The transport contract between TAP and the passenger relates to a specific destination, and the passenger can change the re-routed flight to this destination without additional cost. It is possible to change the destination airport as long as it is in the same city and is on a TAP-operated flight (e.g. London Heathrow or London Gatwick or New York JFK or Newark Liberty International). Note that the passenger is responsible for the cost of travel between airports.
Through the Self Service feature the airline makes TAP-operated flights available to passengers and the ability to change bookings only to other flights operated by TAP. You must contact the TAP Contact Centre should you wish to change to a flight operated by a different airline.
No. You can only make changes in the same ticket class. You must contact the TAP Contact Centre should you wish to change the ticket class.
No. Any changes to the booking will be applied to all passengers included on the booking.
If the date of departure of the new flight is within 24 hours of your original flight that was affected by an irregularity, then your luggage will be boarded onto your new flight. However, should you prefer to collect your luggage, you will need to collect it from the TAP Lost&Found desk.
No. Whenever passengers choose a different flight to one suggested by TAP (a different time or date) they are not entitled to receive assistance (accommodation, transport, meals).

4. Cancel reservation and request a refund

All the unused flights and respective extras that are included on the same booking will also be cancelled.
It is not possible to change a booking once it has been cancelled.
You must collect your luggage from the Lost&Found desk (understand how it works according to the stopover).
It is not possible to cancel individual passengers on a booking. The cancellation will affect all passengers.
If you do not wish to continue your trip to your final destination and choose to request a refund for your ticket (if you canceled the flight in the Self Service application), you will be refunded using the payment method used when purchasing the ticket.

The amount to be refunded corresponds to the parts of the trip not completed. If a flight using the same ticket has already been taken, you will be entitled to a refund for that part of the ticket, if taking that flight no longer makes sense in relation to your initial travel plan.

See more information regarding refunds by clicking here.
You can request your refund here

5. Reservations with partners

  • This Self Service feature is for flight changes only. Even when bookings made with partners are associated with the flight booking, it will not allow changes to bookings with partners if they need to be changed. You will need to contact the respective TAP partners directly;
  • Please note that alterations to bookings made with any of the partners described above may incur additional charges, depending on the booking conditions set out by the respective partners.
Bookings with TAP Stopover Programme partners must be changed or cancelled by the passenger using the same channels through which they made the booking. TAP is not responsible for the loss of these services.

6. Declaration of irregularity

The declaration of irregularity is a document to confirm that a flight experienced an irregularity and may be used to justify failure to meet commitments.
The declaration of irregularity can be downloaded up to 6 months after the irregularity. It is available through the original link or via "My Bookings".