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    Victoria Programme

    Earn miles by flying and from other everyday activities. Exchange them for travel and see the world!
    Your miles can bring magic to your Christmas!
    Because Christmas is giving... and saving, use your miles to offer special gifts. Discover the best offers of Furla, Vans, Timberland, Guess, Giovanni Galli, Tod's, Burberry, Freeport and Windpassenger.
    Gift Miles
    This Christmas offer miles and receive smiles in return.
    Exchange miles for discounts

    on all journeys!

    Victoria Outlet Store
    The best opportunities to exchange miles in selected Victoria Partners.
    Campaign 200 miles offer
    Join the Victoria programme up until 31 December and earn 200 miles.
    TAP families have just arrived!
    Learn more about our offers in family size.
    Book with your Victoria Client Number
    Don’t let your exclusive benefits fly away!

    Discover the Victoria Programme

    Join the Victoria family and immediately start to earn miles. There are more than 150 partners that allow you to earn miles not only while flying but also from your everyday activities. And what then? Exchange your miles for travel and dream experiences!

    Everything you need to know

    Discover everything the Victoria Programme has to offer you. Join this family and start enjoying the benefits we have for you
    • Earning miles
      Earn miles whenever you fly or use the services provided by our partners.
    • Spending miles
      Spend the miles on travel, upgrades and other TAP services. Enjoy unique experiences.
    • Status and benefits
      Earn Status Miles and see your status rise. The higher the status, the more benefits you have!

    Learn about our partners

    Over 150 partnerships worldwide that help your dream trips come true.

    Our partners’ best offers

    Earn and spend miles with our partners.