Thiago Lacerda fell in love with central Portugal with Portugal Stopover

Episode 6

 The Brazilian actor came to explore the center of the country.

Thiago Lacerda decided to take a few days off filming soap operas to enjoy the light and sun of Portugal. The relationship between Brazil and our country is something that fascinates him. The actor began his trip in central Portugal, visiting Coimbra and the University. He took the opportunity to visit other wonders in the center of the country, especially the so-called Schist Villages. They left him amazed: “This villages route is a great idea! The regional differences, these stone houses, that forest, the river... Impressive!” Do what Thiago Lacerda did and visit the Central region. The Brazilian actor concluded: “Visiting the Centre is a must, and the Portugal Stopover programme is a good way to get to do that.”