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    Ritz Angola

    Ritz Angola

    Stay in Angola and earn miles.

    Ritz Angola (Organizações Ritz - Hotelaria e Turismo Lda) is Angola’s largest hotel chain, with hotels throughout the country.

    Earn miles with Ritz Angola

    The chain has 5, 4, 3 and 2-star hotels in Luanda, Muxima, Kwanza Sul (Sumbe, Wacu Cungo, Calulo and Cabuta), Huambo, Benguela and Cuando Cubango. The Ritz hotel motto is “There is always a Ritz waiting for you” and many miles to earn during your stay!

    All you need to earn miles at Ritz Angola hotels is mention you are a Victoria Client when making your booking. The miles you have earned during your stay will be credited to your Victoria Account after you check out! Enjoy your stay.
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