Weapons and ammunitions - Conditions for transport

Firearms and ammunition

See the conditions for safely transporting firearms and ammunition.

Transporting firearms and ammunition

If you are traveling with firearms and ammunition see the transport and security conditions you must comply with.

  • No firearms or ammunition are allowed in the cabin.
  • Firearms must be unloaded, dismantled and properly packed and be presented at the check-in counter.
  • Make sure you have the correct documentation for the weapon, including the registration and your permit to use and carry firearms.
  • Weapons and ammunition containing explosive projectiles cannot travel as checked baggage.
  • The transport of amounts of ammunition in excess of 5 kg/11 lbs. per passenger is prohibited.
  • Only small caliber ammunition that does not contain explosive projectiles is allowed.
  • Ammunition must be securely packed in a container with a sufficiently strong outer covering made of wood, metal or fiber, protected against potential shocks and unable to move about inside the container.
See the full list of items and goods prohibited in the cabin and in the hold here.

Specific conditions of transport

TAP has different conditions of transport for firearms carried to some countries.

United Kingdom

  • The transport of firearms from/to the United Kingdom is allowed, with restrictions, but only on presentation of the license to carry a firearm.
  • You must carry a special permit/license issued by the local police authority (in the UK).
  • Firearms are transported with the passenger as personal baggage, subject to check-in.
  • All handguns (pistols/revolvers) are restricted under United Kingdom legislation and cannot be carried aboard TAP aircraft.


The transport of firearms or ammunition considered "weapons of war" to or from Switzerland is not permitted.


To transport firearms from Brazil, you must present a specific authorization document identifying you as an armed passenger. 
This document must be completed in triplicate and be validated at the airport by the Federal Police. You must then go to the check-in desk to complete the security procedures for placing weapons in the aircraft hold. Find out more here (this website is only available in Brazilian Portuguese).

Checking in and transport fees

Passengers traveling with firearms and ammunition on the plane  must check in 1 hour before the usual time.

A fixed fee of € 50 / 65 USD / 80 CAD is charged for transporting this equipment for each leg of the trip. 

For example:
Round-trip flight: Lisbon - Stockholm - € 50 / 65 USD / 80 CAD and Stockholm - Lisbon - € 50 / 65 USD / 80 CAD.
Flight with stopovers: Frankfurt - Lisbon - New York - € 50 / 65 USD / 80 CAD or New York - Lisbon - Frankfurt - € 50 / 65 USD / 80 CAD. 
This charge is applicable to both baggage calculation methods: Weight Concept* and Items Concept**.

* Used when the baggage allowance is determined by the total amount of weight the passenger transports.
** Number of pieces of baggage a passenger carries. This concept applies throughout the TAP network.