Flight delays and cancellations

What to expect when your flight is canceled or changed?

  • We will notify you of the delay or cancellation of your flight via email;
  • If your flight is canceled, we will automatically book a seat for you on the next flight with available seats;
  • We will provide an online tool so that you can check the alternative flight we found for you, and, if necessary, choose a flight that is most convenient to you;
  • We will do our best to book the same seats you have selected previously;
  • If you are not in transit, we will provide free hotel accommodation while you wait for your alternative flight;
  • Depending on the waiting time until the alternative flight, we will offer you meals and beverages.


Flight status and trip alternatives

Avoid queues and do not go to the airport.

  • Check the status of your flight on our site - flytap.com - under  – “Flight Information”;
  • Check if you have received any notification from us with a link to manage your trip, and then choose an alternative flight using this tool.
    You will be able to find alternatives for your trip and inform us of your decision via the online platforms we offer you;
  • To avoid queues and crowds, please do your check-in online instead of doing it at the airport. Please make sure you go through the airport's security check at least 45 minutes prior to your flight's scheduled departure time. For international flights, please make sure you go through passport control at least 60 minutes prior to your flight's scheduled departure time.



  1. You can check the voucher's expiry date in the 'Valid until' field;
  2. The voucher can be used to pay for trips and/or TAP services;
  3. The voucher can be used for online purchases at flytap.com;
  4. Passengers can use up to three vouchers per online purchase;
  5. If there is any outstanding amount to be paid, passengers can only use up to two vouchers; the remaining amount will be paid via credit card or any other method which is available when paying for the online purchase;
  6. If you want to use more than three vouchers on the same online purchase, or if the total amount of three vouchers is not enough to pay for the entire purchase, please contact our Contact Center;
  7. Passengers do not need to spend the voucher amount on a single purchase, as it will be deducted until the total amount has been used;
  8. The voucher may be used in various transactions. If the cost of the new ticket or service is lower than the voucher amount, the remaining balance will remain available to pay for other trips and/or TAP services;
  9. The voucher can be used to pay for a new ticket or service on behalf of someone other than the voucher holder;
  10. Voucher credits may not be sold.