On board

Lose the fear of flying

Push fear aside and venture out on a unique journey and experience.

Safety first

You can feel safe traveling with TAP. The chances of being in a plane crash are very low, currently standing at about 0.000014%.


The worldwide AirLineRatings rating agency places TAP at level 7, on a scale of 0 to 7, in relation to the airline’s safety.


Maintenance and improvement of our fleet is a constant  priority. We want our passengers to feel confident.

Air travel is currently the safest way to travel over long distances.

Face your fear. Travel with TAP!

Leave your fear on the ground

Don’t let fear clip your wings. Follow our advice, fly and discover the world.

TAP wants all of its passengers to travel worry-free and in the greatest possible comfort. Follow these tips to help you lose your fear:

Combat the phobia:

  • Be informed about the statistics.
  • Look up information on how aircraft operate.
  • Learn more about how aircraft are maintained.
  • Prepare for the possibility of turbulence and face like you would in a car driving along a bumpy dirt road.

On the evening before your trip:

  • Reduce your coffee consumption before you travel.
  • Don’t leave anything pending.
  • Sleep well the night before.
  • Get everything ready smoothly.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport without rushing.

Before taking off:

  • Get on the plane ready to take a nap.
  • Get a window seat or one next to the emergency exit.
  • You can choose a seat in the front of the plane, where you’ll feel less turbulence.
  • Distract yourself by reading, listening to music or watching the videos we have available.
Combat anxiety during the flight:
  • Identify your symptoms. This will make it easier to control them.
  • Trust the people operating the aircraft.
  • Try to relax your muscles.
  • Take your mind off the flight and think of positive things.
  • Calmly and quietly breathe in and out.