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When can I use the Time to Think option?

Time to Think is only available for reservations made at least 96 hours before the flight departure. If you try to book a flight less than 96 hours prior to departure, the Time to Think option will not be available. If you have a promotion code or conference code, or if you want to reserve with miles, the Time to Think option will also not be available.

How long will my Time to Think pre-booking be kept in the system?

The pre-booked reservation will be saved for 48 hours. If you do not complete the Time to Think process within that time, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.   

How do I complete my Time to Think pre-booked reservation?

To complete your Time to Think pre-booked reservation you can:
  • Fill out the fields “Reservation number” and “Last Name” under “Complete your Time to Think pre-booked reservation";
  • Use the link in the Time to Think confirmation email you received.

Can I make changes to my Time to Think pre-booked reservation?

To make any changes to your pre-booked reservation (such as times, dates, flights, routes, type of passenger, etc.), you will have to cancel the Time to Think pre-booked reservation or let it expire. The charge paid for the service will not be refunded.

Can I book extras for my flight with a Time to Think pre-booked reservation?

Other services (such as seat selection, upgrades, extra baggage, etc.) can only be booked after you complete your pre-booked reservation. As soon as you receive your ticket confirmation email, you can add all the extras you want. Find out what’s available here.

Can I use Time to Think for a Stopover?

Because the client can reserve their Stopover hotel while making their travel reservation, the Time to Think option is not available for a Stopover. Unlike travel, the hotel cannot be reserved in advance, which makes Time to Think incompatible with a Stopover. 

How much does it cost to use Time to Think?

The table below shows the charges per person (adult or child), except for infants under 2 years of age, as long as they are below that age limit during all legs of the journey. For further information click here.

What methods of payment are accepted by Time to Think?

Payment for this service can be made by credit card or through iDeal or Alipay pay services.

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