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    Escape the winter

    Find asylum far from the wall, in the kingdom of Spain.

    Winter is here with the 7th season of the most watched series in the world. The time has come to flee to the farthest regions away from the invasion, and discover the impressive locations of a show that already has more than 6.7 million of fans all over the world.

    Spain was one of the chosen countries to represent many of the locations of George R.R. Martin’s fantastic universe. 

    Now is the time to prepare your escape at the chosen destination.

    7 locations in Spain where you can find the refuge that you seek.

    Browse through the images and discover where many episodes were shot. So that you won’t waste time and hasten your escape, we show you the nearest airport you can fly to.

    Go from a simple observer to a character in the war for the throne.

    1. Castle of Zafra
      This XVII castle is located in the county of Campillo de Dueñas, province of Guadalajara. Built on top of a rocky formation, this was one of the spots chosen for the 6th season (episodes 3 and 10). To get to Castle of Zafra, fly to Madrid
    2. Real Alcázar of Seville
      The Alcázar is the Royal Spanish Family’s official residence when visiting Seville. It’s considered a World Heritage site by Unesco since 1987 and it’s the city, the country and the Mediterranean culture’s ex-libris. It’s shown in the series’ 6th season (episode 7). To get to the Alcázar, fly to Seville.
    3. Cordoba’s Roman Bridge
      This Bridge that crosses the Guadalquivir River was built by the romans during their occupation of the province of Andalusia. You can watch the scenes in the 6th season (episode 7). 
      To get to the Roman Bridge, fly to Seville
    4. Arab Baths House
      Built in 1194 in Girona, the Arab Baths House served as public baths until 1366. In spite of the name, it’s a Christian period construction with Romanesque period style elements. The Arab Baths were one of the settings in various 6th season episodes (1, 2, 5, 7 and 9). To get to the Arab Baths, fly to Barcelona that is only about 100 Km from the city of Girona. 
    5. Saint Mary of Girona Cathedral
      This cathedral has the widest Gothic nave in the world, with a width of 72 feet and it’s located in the highest point of the city of Girona. To get to the Girona’s Cathedral, fly to Barcelona.
    6. Girona’s Old Quarter
      To visit Catalonia’s city of Girona with its medieval architecture is, without a doubt, like travelling through time. Founded in the first century by the romans, it still retains its ancient charm. It was there that the production found the perfect scenery to film various parts of the 6th season. The Sant Pere de Galligants monastery in the picture, can be seen in the 10th episode. To get to Girona’s Old Quarter, fly to Barcelona
    7. Bardenas Reales Natural Park
      The small desert of the Navarre region, in the north of Spain, is a stage of the series’ 6th season. With its 42 thousand hectares of stunning arid landscapes and rain-sculpted rock formations, it’s about 230 Km away from Bilbao. You can see it in the 1st and 6th episode. To get to the Bardenas Reales, fly to Bilbao.

    Prepare your escape here.