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    Discover Morocco

    Morocco, truly amazing!

    With a population of 33 million people, Morocco has turned giving tourists a warm welcome into an art form. A markedly Arabian land, open to the Western mentality and with a multitude of places of interest. 
    On the coast you will find Casablanca, immortalized by movie, the capital Rabat and the almost Mediterranean Tangier. Cities that blend the Islamic medinas with European squares. Discover one of the oldest medina of the Islamic world, in Fez. Next to the Sahara and the mountains, the mythical Marrakesh, which Churchill described as the best place in the world to spend an afternoon!  

    In Morocco an intense culinary experience awaits, influenced by Berber, Arabian and European customs. It is impossible to resist couscous or a meat or fish tagine. To relax, nothing beats the traditional hammam baths.

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