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Use MB WAY to pay for your TAP travel and earn miles!

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Use MB WAY to pay for your TAP flight bookings up until 7 July and earn an extra 500 miles!*
1 TAP trip Paid through MB WAY
Extra Miles
  1. Book your flight directly at flytap.com or at the TAP App;
  2. Select MB WAY as payment method;
  3. Insert the cellphone number linked to your MB WAY account;
  4. Accept the payment in the MB WAY app, or in your bank's app;
  5. Finish the purchase with your MB WAY PIN or the Touch ID.
Get a discount on your next trip!

Get a discount on your ticket with Miles&Go Promo, or buy a Miles&Cash ticket using miles + money.
Redeem them for travel

Use your miles to book a MilesOnly trip. For example, you can fly from Lisbon-Porto or Porto-Lisbon for just 1,500 miles!

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Convert them into products and/or services from our partners

You can exchange your miles for Galp vouchers, hotel vouchers or purchases at Continente, and much more.

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Purchase a TAP or Star Alliance ticket

Earn miles when flying with TAP and other Star Alliance companies.
Earn more miles with our partners

You can earn miles whenever you use services or purchase products from TAP Miles&Go partners.
* The extra 500 Bonus Miles for TAP flight bookings paid for with MB WAY are in addition to the miles normally credited to TAP Miles&Go Clients for their TAP travel (value varies according to route and fare). 
  1. Offer of 500 miles for each TAP booking paid for with MB WAY;
  2. Miles will be credited to the account of the Client who was logged in when the booking was made or with the TAP Miles&Go account associated with the booking. If more than one TAP Miles&Go account number is input during the booking, the miles will be allocated to the person in whose name the booking is made;
  3. Promotion valid from 7 January 2020;
  4. Visit the rules of this promotion for more information.