TAP Wine Experience

TAP Wine Experience

The “TAP Wine Experience” is TAP’s bid to transform the Company into the largest Portuguese wine and winetasting platform in the world.

Our goal is simple: to offer everyone who travels with us a unique sensory experience! 

Wine Tour

A tour through the main portuguese wine regions, on board a TAP Air Portugal aircraft, on a discovery of portuguese wine. 

As well as inflight service, TAP intends to create the broadest possible communication channels for publicising Portuguese wines, which is the main reason behind its new Wine Tour. 

The TAP Wine Tour lasts 3 days and 2 nights and covers at least 5 winemaking regions. It takes place between the 14th and 16th of November, starting in Lisbon and finishing in Porto. 

The tour involves opinion makers, specialists in the field and journalists from a variety of countries, to familiarize them with our regions and producers, and offer a unique wine experience. 

Participants are flown to each winemaking region to sample the best of what each location has to offer.  By the end, we will undoubtedly have achieved our main aim in promoting Portuguese wines and offering a real taste of what Portugal does best.

Wine Tour Program

  • 14 NOV

    Lisbon and Alentejo Region 
  • 15 NOV

    Alentejo and Dão Region
  • 16 NOV

    Porto and Douro Region

The wines

Lisbon and Alentejo Region


On the banks of the River Tagus and right in the centre of Portugal, Quinta da Alorna stands out not only due to the quality of its wines but also because of its natural surroundings. As appreciating good wine is a way of life, Quinta da Alorna creates unforgettable moments and inspires endless days and nights.


This estate can be found in the heart of the Alentejo, with unique conditions for agriculture and vine cultivation. Its reason of being is to work towards making the best products from what nature provides in a responsible and inspiring way, in balance with the environment.


Offering excellent geological and climatic conditions for wine production of a distinc tive quality, Monte da Ravasqueira is located in the Alentejo and has an enviable vineyard and an oenotourism facility, while it is also engaged in a number of other activities including the production of cork, olive oil and honey.

Alentejo and Dão Region


Nested amidst Evora’s historical city centre, the tasting room is integrated in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here the best wines produced in the Alentejo will be chosen for an unforgettable tasting session.


It’s in the village of Santar you can find this 17th Century property, which over the past couple of years has endured a major overhaul allowing it to become a prestigious Dão wine tourism unit. As a charming destination, it’s the ideal location to organize events and has a restaurant that’s already considered a gastronomic landmark in the region.


Located in the heart of the demarcated wine region of the Upper Douro Valley, Quinta do Bomfim invites all its visitors to appreciate the rich heritage whilst visiting the winery and the old wine cellar of the Symington family, or they may also enjoy a walk through the vineyards or the breathtaking views of the Douro River.

Porto and Douro Region


Paço de Palmeira, near the city of Braga, is one of Minho’s most beautiful architec tural monuments. This palace of historical, environmental, architectural and artistic Portuguese heritage, also has the particularity of its fertile and adequate soil for vine cultivation.


Installed in a majestic building with cellars that hold real bottled treasures of incalculable value, Ramos Pinto opens its house and heritage to welcome all of those that want to find out more about the Company’s history and the Douro region and taste this nectar of the Gods that is Port Wine.

For download the program click here (PDF, 5MB, EN, PT) and the booklet click here (PDF, 7MB, PT, EN).

Wines Tour Images

On board

Portugal is a vibrant winemaking country with wines depicting its many regions from the north to the south. Just one sip is enough to transport us to the Douro river, the Alentejo plains or the Algarve coast.
Now we are bringing these sensations to the world. Each year we serve 1.2 million bottles, making us the biggest shop window for Portuguese wine.
Our panel of experts has developed an innovative wine list: with wines tasted on the ground and then tasted again in the air. This means we can provide our passengers with the best wine experience offering a variety of carefully selected Portuguese wines.
Be happy, drink in moderation and raise a glass with us! 

TAP wine list

See this quarter’s wine list.