Fleet Retrofit

Welcome aboard the New TAP.

Our aircrafts are being completely retrofitted.

Soon flying on our A330 planes will mean you can sit back and enjoy a totally refurbished interior: more modern, spacious and comfortable.

In Executive Class, comfort has been taken to greater heights, offering brand-new reclining flat-bed seats with electric and USB sockets, reading light, noise-cancelling headphones* and private storage compartments.  

* if you prefer you may also use your own private headphones.

In Executive class, you will also find a new in-flight entertainment system offering the latest series and documentaries, daily news headlines and more than 100 movie films including the latest premieres to choose from - all on bigger, more modern HD screens, with better viewing angles and faster menu navigation, to make your on board entertainment experience all the more special.

We have also created a new class between economy and business class, with a surprising amount of legroom and better reclining. 

In fact, the entire Economy class interior is being refurbished, so next time you fly, you can count on the cabin being more modern and comfortable.