What is it about Victoria?

More advantages than any other.

What is it about Victoria?

Join this family and make the most of the advantages that Victoria has to offer!

Join our Victoria frequent flyer programme and earn miles while flying or using the services of over 150 Victoria partners.
What then? You can exchange your miles for anything Victoria has to offer!

The Programme offers trips, services and experiences like no other. But what else does Victoria have?

● Meals in restaurants;
Hotels stays;
● Products and services so that you may earn miles with your bank;
● Purchases in supermarkets and fashion stores;
● Fuel for your car;
● Purchases made by credit card;
● And many more offers!

Better still, it also gives discounts on travel with Miles&Go, a Victoria Programme product that allows you to exchange miles for discounts!

Wouldn’t it also be nice to be able to collect miles faster? The Victoria Programme also has Victoria+ which lets you earn miles quicker!
What are you waiting for to join Victoria now?

* Discounts and advantages are subject to availability in each country.