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Sports Equipment

Take sport with you!

Carriage of sports equipment

Sports equipment can be included in the free hold baggage, provided it does not exceed the allowed weight and dimensions. Extra charges will apply only if taking more baggage than permitted in your travel class, or if it exceeds the maximum volume or weight allowance.

Speak to our Contact Center or a TAP desk to ensure your sports equipment has been registered correctly, indicating its weight and dimensions. Due to space restrictions on some aircraft, the transportation of this equipment cannot be guaranteed.

See the conditions and prices for each type of sports equipment on flights operated by TAP or TAP Express.

You can bring your golf equipment with you up to a maximum weight of 32 kg / 70 lbs:

  • 1 golf bag* for the transportation of all your equipment (including 1 pair of golf shoes).

Consult our pricing table (per route). Don’t leave anything behind!

*(Regardless of the actual dimensions, golf equipment will be considered as a single piece of baggage with outside linear dims of 158cm/62 inches.)
Domestic flights, flights to Europe and Morocco Intercontinental Flights
40 EUR / 50 USD / 65 CAD 80 EUR / 100 USD / 130 CAD

Depending on your departure airport, a Ticket Service Charge may apply in addition to the fixed-rate charges mentioned above.