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What is the Portugal Stopover?

Portugal Stopover gives the possibility of having two destinations for the price of one, enjoying a stay of up to 5 nights in Portugal (Lisbon or Porto).

For more information please consult here.


What are the routes eligible for the Portugal Stopover?

Eligible routes are round trips, or just one way (outbound or inbound), with stopover in Lisbon or Porto, for medium and long-haul flights. The trip can include multiple destinations, and the Portugal Stopover can be on either leg of the journey, outbound or return, even if departing with one city as the destination and returning from a different city and to a different destination.

How can I book a Portugal Stopover?

Portugal Stopover is an online product that is available through the main page of, in the main menu or below in the flight search, by clicking on the Stopover option. It is also possible to perform a flight search and, as long as the route is eligible, a banner will appear informing the Client that this product is available. 

You can also book a Portugal Stopover through the flight search bar at

Can I have a Stopover on a one-way flight?

Yes, it is possible to have a stopover on a one way trip.

Can I have a Stopover on both routes of my journey?

Portugal Stopover can only be used on one of the routes of the journey, either the outbound or the inbound.

What is the benefit of booking a Portugal Stopover?

You’ll be able to visit two destinations for the price of one. Depending of on the city of your Stopover, you will be able to benefit from exclusive advantages, such as an experience with a very special price. It’ll also allow you to take advantage of exclusive Hotel rates (which are identified with a special rate stamp) and in partner restaurants you’ll receive a free bottle of wine. Furthermore, there are also additional benefits with many other partners.

Do I have to pay for the hotel payment immediately when I use Portugal Stopover?

Payment is always made at the hotel. You have to get an email from with your booking confirmation to complete your hotel booking.

How do I check that I have a hotel reservation made through Portugal Stopover?, our product partner, has the following contact numbers:

International calls: +351 308 805 832

Domestic calls from Portugal: 800 814 306


Should you have any queries in respect of accommodation, please contact them directly.

Which experience do I have access to with Portugal Stopover?

As a Stopover Client and because you selected Lisbon, you have access to a unique experience to conveniently discover the city at a special price. You can request your 24H Lisboa Card and benefit from its advantages, such as public transportation, entry to museums, monuments and other points of interest, as well as discounts on other tourist and cultural attractions.

Find out more about the benefits of the 24H Lisboa Card here.

How do I book the Portugal Stopover experience?

Request this experience when booking your flight or, afterwards, on the website or the TAP Stopover App.

Can I change/cancel the experience booked through Portugal Stopover?

For more information on the 24h Lisboa Card or if you wish to alter the date or location of pick up, please contact ATL through the following e-mail

Can I invite other people to share the experience I have booked through Portugal Stopover?

The Stopover experience is only available to passengers who are part of an eligible Stopover booking.

I requested an experience. Can I consider it is confirmed?

Your request for an experience is always subject to confirmation by the partner. Accordingly, you should wait for their e-mail message. See all the benefits you may access here.

Can the requested experience undergo changes?

The Stopover experiences made available are limited, so TAP Air Portugal reserves the right to cancel and/or change the format of the experiences.

How do I access exclusive partner discounts at Portugal Stopover?

Passengers should confirm availability directly with activity and/or leisure partners. Passengers must identify themselves by using the Portugal Stopover app and show their client card.


What activities are available in Porto via Portugal Stopover?

There are several partnerships available in Porto and the surrounding area, offering discounts to Portugal Stopover passengers.

See them here by selecting “Partner benefits” and clicking on “Other offers” and choose Porto.


Do all passengers on the same booking need to have the TAP Air Portugal Stopover app?

It would be more convenient for all passengers to have the Portugal Stopover app. However, it is not obligatory because all passengers on the same booking can access all the benefits through one device.

Can I choose any restaurant to qualify for a free bottle of wine with Portugal Stopover?

No, the offer is only available at participating restaurants that offer a free bottle of wine.

Which restaurants participate in Portugal Stopover?

You can see a list of participating restaurants here.

Do I need to book the restaurant in advance with Portugal Stopover?

You do not need to, but you should always contact the restaurant to guarantee your reservation and enjoy your surroundings. See the list of partner restaurants here.

How can I identify Portugal Stopover restaurants and partners?

As with passengers, who can apply for a TAP Portugal Stopover card, the partners are also identified with the Portugal Stopover seal.


How do I download the Portugal Stopover app?

The Portugal Stopover app can be downloaded from the Apple Store or from Google Play. 


Which operating systems runs the Portugal Stopover app?

The TAP Air Portugal Stopover app is only available for iOS and Android.


How do I identify myself as a Portugal Stopover passenger?

By booking through this product after downloading the Portugal Stopover application you will have access to a virtual identification card that will be valid over the stopover period and which should be presented to the partners to get the exclusive advantages.


Do I require any other form of identification in addition to the Portugal Stopover app?

Yes, the partner may request to see some personal identification in addition to the virtual card from the TAP Portugal Stopover virtual card.

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