On a dark yellow background, there are three animals standing towards the viewer, only their faces and backs are seen. To the left, a black dog with its eyes closed, tongue hanging out of its open mouth, to the center a gray cat and to the right a beige dog, both with their eyes open.
Flying with animals

We carry your pets safely

TAP carries your pets in the cabin or in the hold, depending on the breed, size, age and weight, but always with maximum safety and comfort. Book in advance and make sure your pet can be carried on your next trip.

Book a ticket for your pet

Our pet carriage service is subject:
  • to the space available on the aircraft.
  • to the class you are flying in and the type of aircraft.
  • to pets being allowed into the destination country.
  • to the kind of animal and the total weight of the animal and the container.
  • age of the animal — must be at least 10 weeks old.

For this reason, you must request this service when booking your trip or before your flight, preferably at least 48 hours before departure.

To find out if it is possible to book a ticket for your pet on your flight, where it will be carried and the price, you must provide the following information when requesting this service:

Illustration with white and light blue background, showing in the center, highlighted, the figures of a dog and a cat colored in shades of green.
Breed(s) and number of animals to be carried
In our flights only dogs and cats can be transported in the cabin or in the hold. The remaining species are transported in TAP Air Cargo.

Each passenger can bring a carrier with one or more animals of the same species, always upon availability.
Illustration composed by several elements: to the left, a green and red malleable carrier, to the right a green rigid carrier, surrounded by three demonstrative red lines showing width, length and height.
Sizes and types of container (LxWxH)
Tell us the kind of container your pet will be in and its length, width and height.

Only malleable containers are accepted in the cabin. If you have a rigid container, the animal has to travel in the hold.
Illustration composed by several elements: on the left, a green and red malleable carrier with a green cat inside and a red circle, located in the upper right corner of the carrier, in which is written in white "max 8kg." To the right a rigid green carrier, with a green dog inside and a red circle in the upper right corner where it is written in white "max. 45kg."
The total weight to be carried (Container + animal)
The combined weight of the animal and the container will determine whether your best friend can travel with you in the cabin or the hold.

If the total weight is no more than 8kg, it can be carried in the cabin. Animals + containers over that weight are carried in the hold.
Smiling beige dog, only its head is outside the red malleable carrier it is in.
What do you need to fly with your pet?
Wherever you are flying to, you always have to bring the container you mentioned in the booking, which should be appropriate for the size of the animal, and enough food and water for the whole trip.
The health requirements and the mandatory documents you need depending on the origin and destination of your flight. The animal to be transported must be at least 10 weeks old.

The following health requirements and documents are mandatory for all non-commercial movements of pets on flights between EU member states1, or some non-EU countries2 that are members of the European Union’s Pet Passport.

  • Microchip ID: The animal must have a microchip to identify it. Animals identified by tattoo are only allowed if the tattoo was applied before 03/07/2011 and upon presentation of written proof.
  • EU pet passport: This has to be issued by a vet who is authorised by the competent authority of the country of origin and attests to the animal's identification and anti-rabies vaccination.
  • Valid anti-rabies vaccination: This must be given on or after the date the microchip was implanted.
1Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.
2Andorra, Switzerland, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Greenland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino and the Vatican City State.

Before flying outside EU1 member states with your pet, we suggest that you always check with your vet, or Portugal’s Direção Geral de Alimentação e Veterinária, about the requirements and documents needed for the non-commercial transport of pets, for the specific date and destination of your flight2.

In addition, we would like to inform you that for flights departing from outside the EU and with transit or final destination in Portugal, it is mandatory to complete and submit an arrival notification form. The form must be submitted as early as possible and no later than 48 hours prior to the arrival. To get the form and the contact details to which you must send it, click here

Here are some of the documents required for some of our most popular destinations:

Flights to the United Kingdom:

Flights from the UK:

  • Identification by microchip: The animal must have implanted a microchip that allows its identification.
  • Valid rabies vaccination: Must be administered on a date equal to, or after the date of, implantation of the microchip, and with a minimum advance notice of 21 days of the trip's date. The vaccine is administered to animals after12 weeks old.
  • European Union pet passport 3: Must be issued by a veterinarian authorized by the competent authority of the country of origin, and attest to the animal's identification and anti-rabies vaccination.
  • European Union pet passport 4: Must be issued by a veterinarian authorized by the competent authority of the country of origin, and attest to the animal's identification and anti-rabies vaccination.

Flights to Brazil:

  • Import licence: Dogs and cats do not require the Import License issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply. All other animals entering the country as cargo, through TAP Air Cargo, need to present this license.
  • Carrying birds to Guarulhos:  Birds should be transported to Guarulhos Airport (São Paulo) as cargo.
  • See the links below for further information about carrying animals by air to Brazil:

Flights from Brazil to the EU:

1Except Andorra, Switzerland, the Faeroe Islands, Gibraltar, Greenland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino and the Vatican City State as they are members of the European Union Pet Passport.
2It is the passenger's responsibility to obtain information and have in their possession all the documents necessary for the transportation of the animal. Know the requirements and the sanitary documentation necessary for the entry into Portugal of animals from countries outside the European Union.
3Valid for flights from the UK to European Union countries, provided the passport was issued by December 31st, 2020. For more information, see the DGAV website.
4Valid for flights from the UK to countries outside the European Union, or for European Union countries, with pets that do not have a Pet Passport issued until December 31st, 2020. For more information, see the rules for the entry of animals into Portugal, coming from the UK.



Cabin or hold? See where your pet will travel

Pets are transported in the cabin or hold, depending on their species, size and weight. See the two forms of transport available, the prices and the conditions to be met in each of them:

Transport of pets in the cabin

Only dogs and cats in their own soft container with a total weight (animal/animals + container) of up to 8kg / 17lb can be carried in the cabin. The container should be stored under the seat, which is 40x33x17cm. All pets (with the exception of assistance dogs) that exceed this weight must be carried in the hold.

Carrying pets in the cabin is subject to the species, size and weight of the animal to be carried, as well as the availability of space on the aircraft and the acceptance of entry into the country of destination. If the journey involves more than one airline, confirmation of transport from all the companies involved is required.

Maximum weight total (animal + container): 8kg / 17lb
Size of the space for the container:  40x33x17cm

Cost of transporting animals in the cabin

Type of route  Booking channel1  Price
Domestic Flights (Portugal)

40 EUR / 48 USD / 61 CAD

7.000 miles

Other 45 EUR / 58 USD / 72 CAD
Europe, Morocco, Tunisia and flights between Accra and São Tomé

70 EUR / 88 USD / 111 CAD

14.000 miles

Other 75 EUR / 95 USD / 114 CAD
Intercontinental Flights2  Online

150 EUR / 185 USD / 235 CAD

30.000 miles

 Other 160 EUR / 199 USD / 239 CAD
To / from Dominican Republic

180 EUR / 225 USD / 281 CAD

36.000 miles

 Other 190 EUR / 236 USD / 283 CAD

1Online: Through FlytTAP and trips agencies (online or desk).
Other: You can book this service at a local counter (city or airport) or via our Contact Center, for instance.

2Except for flights to / from the Dominican Republic.
The prices shown above are per flight and are charged in the local currency according to the exchange rate in force.
These services are non-refundable.

The carriage of pets in the cabin must meet the following conditions to ensure the safety and welfare of passengers and animals:
  • Only dogs and cats can be transported in the cabin.
  • Each passenger may carry one flexible animal transport bag/carry case which may contain more than one animal of the same species.
  • Dogs and cats cannot be carried in Executive class on long haul flights (except assistance dogs on some of these flights).
  • The cabin container has to:
    • Be malleable.
    • Have enough space for the animal(s) to move.
    • Be waterproof (to retain the animal's fluids).
    • Be stored under the seat in front of you so as not to obstruct the passage in the cabin.
  • The animal:
    • Must be at least 10 weeks old.
    • Must be fully inside the carrier throughout the flight (includes head and tail).
    • Must be clean, healthy and not smell.
    • May not occupy a seat or move in the cabin.
    • May not threaten or disturb passengers.
    • If female, may not be pregnant.
TAP reserves the right to refuse to carry the pet in the cabin and to transfer it to the hold if it considers that all the necessary conditions for this type of transport have not been met.

Carriage of pets on flights with a stopover

If you are traveling with your pet on a flight with a layover, please note that:
  • Depending on the itinerary and the combined total weight (animal + transport bag), the animal may have to fly part of the route in the cabin and another part in the hold - this is the case for flights between the United States and Europe (for example, New York - Lisbon - Madrid).
  • Whenever the conditions for the transportation of the animal are not the same for the whole route - that is, if part of the trip is in the cabin and another in the basement - the 3 hours required on the intermediate scale should be guaranteed, in order to ensure that every fundamental process and diligence are fulfilled.
  • If the animal travels in the cabin and moves to the hold on the second route, you must provide the transport box for the animal at the point of origin.
Transport restrictions

1 - Flights departing or transferring in Dublin: it is not possible to transport your pet as checked baggage.  

2 - Flights departing or transferring in London Gatwick: it is not possible to transport your pet as cabin or checked baggage.

To transport your pet, you can use the TAP Air Cargo service; to do so, please contact the cargo department in advance.

3 - Flights to the United Kingdom: it is not possible to transport your pet in the cabin or in the hold as baggage, be it on direct flights or in transfer.

4 - Dog Import Permits to the US — Restrictions

Since July 14th, 2021, dogs from high-risk countries with dog import permits issued by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), can only enter the US at one of these airports: Anchorage, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago (ORD), Dallas (DFW), Detroit, Honolulu (IAH), Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York (JFK), Newark, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Juan, Seattle and Washington DC (Dulles).

These rules apply to countries classified by the CDC as high risk for canine rabies, including dogs that do not come from a high risk country but have been in one during the six months prior to the trip.

As of October 14th, 2021, dogs from high-risk countries with CDC import licenses must enter the US only through approved airports.

This suspension does not apply to dogs imported from countries with low or no canine rabies risk, or US citizens and returning legal residents with pets — provided they meet all the requirements.

Check all updates to the requirements for importing dogs into the US on this CDC website page.

Image composed of a smiling, open-mouthed brown dog and a white and gray-striped cat, both with a black eye mask with the TAP logo in the lower right corner. They are covered with a gray blanket, comfortably lying on a plane seat.
Miles&Go Pets – Earn miles from your 4-legged friend
    If you are a TAP Miles&Go client, you could earn up to 500 miles by flying on TAP with your pet.
Do you have any other questions about the carriage of pets?
    Please read our FAQ.

The legal definition of a pet is any animal owned by a human being who cohabits with it for its company and entertainment and which is not covered by any legislation prohibiting its detention. Due to the scope of this concept, TAP reserves the right to refuse the transport of pets whenever it considers that the necessary conditions for their transport in the cabin or in the hold are not met.

This information only concerns the non-commercial movement of pets. If you need information regarding the import and export of animals, you should contact the respective embassies or consulates.

The information on this page applies to flights operated by TAP Air Portugal. If your flight has a connection with another airline, please contact us in order to verify the possibility of transporting your pet with that airline.