Upgrade Auctions

Bid the amount you would be willing to pay in cash or miles and if accepted, you will receive a confirmation.

An auction in partnership with SeatBoost

Grab the last remaining Business Class seats and enter an auction that feels almost like a game! Check the TAP App or the SeatBoost app to see if your flight is eligible for the TAP|executive upgrade auction and bid the amount you would be willing to pay. At the end, 60 minutes prior to the flight, the winner will be notified and will receive their new Business Class boarding pass.

How it works – step-by-step instructions

It's really easy! To get started, install the TAP App and the SeatBoost app.
  • Login into the TAP App and select your next flight;
  • Check if there is an auction available for your flight - if so, click 'Bid for an upgrade' to be redirected to the SeatBoost app;
  • In the SeatBoost app, choose the intended flight/auction and place your bid using a credit card;
  • Check the minimum bid amount for Business Class;
  • After placing the first bid, you will see a few 'paddles' with higher bid values appearing on your screen – use them to remain in the auction and check your position in the table;
  • Near the end of the auction, the top 10 bidders can make one final bid;
  • If you are the winner, shortly after the auction, you will receive a message, as well as your new Business Class boarding pass (the payment will be automatically debited from the credit card used to bid);
  • If you do not win the auction, you will not be charged anything and you will keep your original ticket.
Not all routes are eligible for SeatBoost auctions, so your flight may not be available for an upgrade auction.
Important passenger information:
  • Payments must be made in EUR for airports in Europe and Morocco. For the rest of the world, the currency shall be USD.
  • The upgrade depends on seat availability and always applies for each leg of the flight.