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    The largest country in Africa has most of its territory in the largest of the deserts. Algeria unfolds in various identities: mediterranean, african and arabic. Book a flight to Algeria.

    And there’s also the Berber minority to shake things up a little more. But Algeria is above all...

    Wanted by many
    This region of the Maghreb has seen the mark of different civilizations. The phoenicians and the romans first, then the arabs and the otomans. But the French were the biggest influence since the XIX century and Algeria became independent only in 1962. The richness in architecture reflects the past and the land's biodiversity makes this an authentic natural treasure.

    Land of resources
    The majority of the 38 million algerians is muslim and live in the coastal areas, where the beauty of the beaches and the mountain ranges contrast with the vastness of the Sahara desert. The economy is strongly based on production and export of natural gas and oil, and the capital city of Algiers is an historical and strategic centre of the Mediterranean.

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