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In the middle of the continent, a land of unique charms where four languages are spoken and the cities champion order and beauty. Book a flight to Switzerland.

Famous for the greatness of its mountains, the most delicious chocolats, the precision of the clocks. The Helvetic Confederation has 8 million people and...

Cities over lakes and rivers

Zurich is the largest, Bern is the capital and Geneva the most international. And there’s also Lausanne with Notre-Dame cathedral, the 40 museums of Basel, the Montreux riviera. The beauty of geography isn’t reduced to the flowers that decorate the cities nor the snow that embraces them...

Mountains dressed in white

The Alps cover two thirds of the territory and its resorts are the top of winter destinations. But the wavy mountains of the Jura are also part of the landscape. Which isn’t complete unless you see the Rhine Waterfalls — a prodigy of water that makes us vibrate and feel small at the same time.

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