TAP Miles&Go wins a prize at the Freddie Awards

TAP Miles&Go was awarded in the USA on the 25th of April.

Flying higher at the Freddie Awards

TAP Miles&Go won the 210 Award (in the category of Companies with the Greatest Growth Potential for Europe and Africa) on the 29th edition of the Freddie Awards.

Since 1988, the Freddie Awards have been recognizing the best loyalty Programmes in the travel industry. This year, the award ceremony took place on the 25th of April and was hosted at the CR Smith Museum, Texas, USA. The 29th edition of the Freddie Awards received 7 million votes from frequent flyers around the world.

This is not the first time that TAP’s Loyalty Programme is awarded at the Freddie Awards. Over the years, the Programme has been awarded in different categories:

  • Best Award – TAP Air Portugal – Navigator. 

  • Best Award – TAP Air Portugal – Navigator
  • Best Elite Level – TAP Air Portugal – Navigator
  • Best Member Communications – TAP Air Portugal – Navigator
  • Best Website – TAP Air Portugal – Navigator.

  • Best Award Redemption – TAP Air Portugal – Victoria
  • Best Member Communications – TAP Air Portugal – Victoria
  • Program of the Year — TAP Air Portugal – Victoria.

  • Best Award – TAP Air Portugal – Victoria.

  • 210 AWARD  Companies with the Greatest Growth Potential – TAP Air Portugal – Victoria.

  • 210 AWARD  Companies with the Greatest Growth Potential – TAP Air Portugal – TAP Miles&Go.

Get to know some of the new things that the new TAP Miles&Go

Programme brought:

The New TAP Miles&Go Club

TAP Miles&Go clients have a new way to earn more miles with the TAP Miles&Go Club. The Club gives the chance to earn miles monthly so that the clients can use them to book an award ticket or even to go up to the next status level.

Mileage advance
Chance to borrow up to 10,000 miles, according to the client status, to buy a new award ticket.

More award tickets availability 
Clients were looking for bigger flexibility and more award tickets availability. This resulted in an increase in the award tickets available in order to increase the booking confirmations.

New App
On the new app, there is now the possibility to redeem miles and book award tickets.

New payment methods

The payment methods for the award tickets were extended when the Miles&Cash was introduced. The clients can now pay their award tickets with miles and cash in addition to the methods already available (only miles or only cash). In addition, payment with Brazillian Real and US Dollars became available for the TAP Miles&Go Club. In Brazil, the payment can be made in up to 12 monthly installments with no interest. 

Star Alliance Online

TAP Miles&Go clients can now book their award tickets online with any Star Alliance company. 

More partners
TAP Miles&Go has more than 100 partners in 10 different categories, so that all its clients have more options to spend their miles on their day to day activities such as fuel, supermarket, or even the electric bill. 

More benefits for all clients' status

TAP Miles&Go Gold

Bonus miles do not expire as long as the Client maintains his or her status.

TAP Miles&Go Silver
New birthday offer: discount of 35€ on the next trip with TAP

TAP Miles&Go
Chance to try one of the Silver status benefits like Fast Track, extra luggage or seat reservation, when the clients achieve 50% of the necessary miles to rise to the next status level.

Main results reached after the relaunch of the Programme in November 2018

  • A total of 3.7 million clients (14% growth since november 2018), with an average of 100,000 new clients per month.
  • 6.5 billion miles earned between November 2018 and April 2019 (146% growth when compared to the same period of the previous year)
  • 3.3 billion miles redeemed between November 2018 and April 2019 (69% growth when compared to the same period of the previous year)
  • Number of award tickets grew 20% 
  • 165% increase in client recommendation levels (NPS-Net Promoter Score).