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We are the ideal partner for organising your convention, conference or corporate event.

TAP Meetings

TAP is the ideal partner for organising congresses and conferences. Our flexible products and services are adjustable to the type of event and the numbers attending.

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1. Book your conference with TAP

Get in touch with us and find out about our conference service.

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2. Get special benefits

Discounts on delegate travel, flexibility in flight choices, ability to book online and much more.

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3. Promoted by TAP

We will help your event reach a larger audience. Complete the form and start making plans with us.

The benefits

Those attending these events and the organisers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Discounts of up to 15% on airfares for organisers, participants and travel companions.
  • Online bookings.
  • Flexibility in choosing travel dates and times, with a travel window of 10 days before and after the event date.
  • Mention of the event on our website, which has more than two million visits a month.
  • Contact us by email to and find the answers to all your questions and organise the event with us.

Events calendar

Event name Dates Location
7th World Conference on Qualitative Research
25 to 27 January Algarve
Event name Dates Location
6.º Congresso de Medicina Tropical
18 to 25 April Lisbon
Event name Dates Location
VI Congresso Internacional de Riscos  - Riscos e Conflitos Territoriais. Das catástrofes naturais às tensões geopolíticas
23 to 26 May Coimbra
Event name Dates Location
CEES 2023
27 to 30 June Madeira
Event name Dates Location
JMJ 2023
01 to 08 August Lisbon
Event name Dates Location
World Aviation Festival (WAF) 26 to 28 September Lisbon

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