Into the wild


After many years of civil war, this poor country still preserves much of its wild landscape. It is one of the world’s top exporters of cashew nut. Book a flight to Ginea-Bissau.

Follow nature

Parks and natural reserves help maintain an untouched charm. Guinea’s greatest jewel are the 88 islands of the precious archipelago of Bijagós, classified by UNESCO as Biosphere Reserve. The scarcity of infrastructures make any trip an invitation to adventure.

Follow the people

Besides the most populous city, the capital Bissau, Bafatá offers some interesting features. It is the place of birth of Amílcar Cabral, an important political leader, and has many vestiges of the colonial past. And wherever you go, you’ll listen to “gumbé”, a polysemic rhythm typical in the guinean culture.

Find Guinea-Bissau

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