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Ireland, with its many small villages and picturesque locations, will soon steal your heart. The lakes and mountains set in a landscape of the most vibrant green are good reasons to want to tour the country. Book your trip to Ireland and...

Go back to the Middle Ages

Ireland has UNESCO world heritage medieval castles, churches and monasteries, and while it is a modern country, it makes a point of keeping its history and traditions alive and is passionate about its music and celebrated literary works. 

As well as taking in the country’s cultural and natural wealth, don’t forget to enjoy a beer in one of its traditional bars or taverns. 

Tour the island

Don’t be put off by its size. You will find a little of everything in Ireland, from cities full of life and culture to small towns and villages where time seems to stand still, and where you can enjoy the charms of a country in its purest form. It is always worth looking beyond the capital, Dublin, and visiting other cities, such as Galway, Cork and Belfast.

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