That is the meaning of the word “Norge”. And the ways of this country would probably win a worldwide natural beauty’s contest. Book a flight to Norway.

Besides, Norway is one of the places with highest standards of living on earth; home to the Nobel Peace Prize and where peace itself reigns on the streets.

Breath-taking scenery

The capital Oslo is by far the largest urban centre in a country of 5 million people. But it’s when you leave the cities to see the rest that it becomes magical. From Sognefjord, the largest fjord, to Jostedalsbreen, the largest glacier, and Trolltunga's breathtaking cliff. There’s no other place like this for sure!

The way of a culture

Various Norwegian names are historical. Composer Edvard Grieg, painter Edvard Munch — whose painting “The Scream” can be seen in Oslo — and Henrik Ibsen, the great playwright. But these are recent names; the viking heritage has been around for more than a thousand years and still defines Norwegian culture.

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