Earn and spend miles with Windpassenger.

Are you ready for a walk in the clouds? With Windpassenger you can feel the incredible sensation of flying high in a hot air balloon. More than 18,000 people have already flown with this experienced and qualified team. Come fly and earn miles!

Earn miles with Windpassenger

Earn miles on board a hot air balloon.
To earn the miles, just provide your TAP Miles&Go Customer card number while making your online purchase.

Get ready to enjoy your trip!
1 flight to €150
750 miles
 to €600
1,000 miles
1 FLIGHT more than €600
1,500 miles

Terms and conditions

  1. Offer open to all TAP Miles&Go Customers.
  2. Offer valid for all Windpassenger packages.
  3. Offer not valid on promotions.
  4. The miles can be obtained through online purchases at the Windpassenger site. Purchases made in other ways are not eligible.
  5. To earn miles when purchasing your tickets, just enter your TAP Miles&Go Customer Number in the appropriate field during the online purchasing process.
  6. Miles will be credited to your TAP Miles&Go account within 90 days.
  7. Once the miles have been credited to the Customer’s Account they cannot be returned.