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Rail & Fly

Arrange your trip in the air and on the ground. Travel with TAP and take the train with Deutsche Bahn.

Rail & Fly Germany

TAP has teamed up with Deutsche Bahn in Germany as part of the Rail & Fly program.

Thanks to this partnership, our passengers can travel between the train stations operated by Deutsche Bahn in Germany and the airports in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf and Berlin.

Purchasing the ticket and conditions of use

Rail & Fly travel is valid on regular Deutsche Bahn trains, including InterCityExpress (ICE), InterCity (IC) and EuroCity (EC). For a flight in Business Class, the train journey is First Class, for a flight in economy class, the train journey is Second Class and can be booked through your travel agency or TAP call center before buying your ticket.

Your advantages:

  • Travel without a train connection - that means: the time on the day of travel can be freely selected on all DB trains (including IC / EC, except special trains).
  • From / to each of the more than 5,600 DB train stations.
  • From / to the above mentioned German airport.
  • Valid on the usual route in the direction of the destination station. Detours due to the timetable are permitted.
  • Valid on the day before departure and on the day of departure, as well as on the day of return and the day after.
  • Only train connections for which a Verkehrsbund tariff applies cannot be used with Rail&Fly.

Printing the Deutsche Bahn travel tickets

The Rail & Fly Boarding Pass is available 72 hours before departure. To do this, open the www.rail-checkin.com website. Enter your name and flight booking code or flight ticket number.

Now you can choose between two variants:

  • Call up your boarding pass using the link sent and print it out or
  • save it on a mobile device.

At the ticket inspection, show your printed Rail & Fly Boarding Pass or mobile ticket.

If you lose your boarding pass, you can access it again this way without any problems.

Special trains such as Thalys trains, car trains and public transport are excluded from this partnership. If you travel on the ICE Sprinter or City Night Line trains, you will have to pay an additional fee.

The train ticket can only be printed within 72 hours before each trip.

Terms and Conditions

Tickets are valid for the day before departure, the day of departure, the day of arrival and the following day. However, you must inform TAP when booking if you are going to use the ticket for travel the day before departure.  
See all the terms and conditions here (PDF, 0.06MB, EN).