Fly Executive Class

Fly Executive Class and enjoy a unique experience in the clouds!

The real flying experience

TAP Executive Class offers you a unique flight. See what you will find, including cuisine, comfort and entertainment. Come in and sit down, the rest is with us!

There are two ways to travel in Executive Class. Find out more about TAP Products.

Enjoy superior service while you fly the skies.

Our menus, from Portugal, focus on Portuguese products and traditional desserts, so that we can show off the best of what we have to offer the world.

The Menus are regularly updated with fresh ingredients that are sustainably sourced.
Served in Portuguese porcelain dinnerware and accompanied by a selection of exclusively Portuguese wines.

The type of meal may vary depending on the destination and flight time.

Menus on short and medium-haul flights
On short- and medium-haul flights we serve different types of meals and beverages, depending on the duration and destination of the flights.

Menus on long-haul flights
On TAP long-Haul flights, you will have a complete gastronomic experience and a varied drinks menu.

Traditional or gourmet flavours, the choice is yours.

Customise your flight by pre-ordering just the meal you'd like.

If you are going to make a long-distance trip, with departure from Lisbon, you can choose between 2 main dishes. Reservations can be made 7 days (maximum) prior to the date of the flight, and up to 24 hours before the date of departure.

Find out how:


  1. Log in or enter your booking code - Log in to your TAP/TAP Miles&Go Account or enter your booking code and surname.
  2. Select an eligible flight - To pre-order your meal, select a long-haul or medium-haul flight in executive class departing from Lisbon.
  3. Choose your meal - Look at the choices and select a main course. 

Find out more about Executive Class Meals.
Choose your meal
    If you are going to take a long or medium haul executive class flight departing from Lisbon, pre-order your in-flight meal now.


An excellent list of wines chosen by experts. Enjoy our Portuguese wines, find out everything here.

You can also choose fruit juices and finish the meal with an "espresso" coffee or tea. There are many options.

TAP may limit or ban alcohol consumption on board. It is forbidden to bring drinks on to the aircraft (except those purchased in the airport Duty Free).